Evolve Review – You Better Run

"I came, I saw, I conquered in Evolve. Evolve is an experience some may want to skip out on, with its odd DLC and Pre-Order structure, it may feel like an incomplete game to some."

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JChambers1369d ago

Good review! Would have rated it lower just because of the DLC crap though.

Gamer19821369d ago

Most reviewers will not though as they have got all DLC free day 1 so they got a much more expansive experience than anybody who buys the game. "K games are diluting reviews by giving reviewers all DLC free for reviews. Its why 90% of reviews won't even mention it because they have it ALL (whats available right now anyway). Before you say this is NOT the norm with games at launch they did this because of #DLCgate.

Cstahler92RNG1369d ago

You'd be surprised then, they didn't give me all of the DLC like everyone else. I reviewed it based on what it was though, the DLC had a little bit to do with it, but I can't discredit the game entirely based off of a shifty practice.

Dudebro901368d ago

You're delirious 1982. Reviewers are rarely given any free dlc that's included In stuff like pre orders or day one DLC.

Even activison gives out generic copies of COD that don't include day 1 DLC.