New The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Gameplay Details Emerge: Skill Trees, Companions, AI and More

Some new gameplay details have today emerged for CD Projekt RED's upcoming open-world RPG, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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Solidus891369d ago

Cool, AI sounds super smart.

Bansai1369d ago

Agreed, I wish this game would come out already!

starchild1369d ago

My absolute most highly anticipated game. I can't wait to jump back into the Witcher's world.

nucky641369d ago

I was already sold when it was said that enemies don't scale with the player. can't wait till I wander into an area - meet an enemy I'm not ready for and think: "uh oh!"

billybehr1369d ago

Just over 3 months away! Can't wait!

TheNemesis5011369d ago

Im just glad both consoles are finaly getting next gen only games, cross gen games are cool but they dont push the hardware like quantum break or the order will.

starchild1369d ago

Or The Witcher 3. That game is extremely advanced in the graphics tech it is using. And at a quality and scale that I haven't seen before.

getrektedmate1369d ago

This games going to be sweet!

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