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Back in 2012, Torn Banner Studios released a melee-focused first-person deathmatch game called Chivalry: Medieval Warfare on PC. It was a hit, selling something like two million copies and earning a generally positive critical response.

Two years later the game's now available on the PlayStation 3, courtesy of Torn Banner Studios and publisher, Activision. I hadn't played the original PC game, but I can only assume that bringing the game to the PlayStation 3 involved some significant downgrades, because what I'm playing is anything but worthy of praise.

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RG_Dubz1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

Sounds like you weren't very good at the game so you decided to give it a low rating because of the environments.. that is the majority of what you complained about in the review anyway.

I have fun with the game, plenty of kill streaks after I got used to the game, I've taken out 3 guys in 3v1 match ups on the battlefield.. Game is not for everyone (especially if you care more about the environment then the gameplay) but with a little practice the game becomes fun real quick and for only $14.99 I have no real complaints, no lag issues online here.