The Order 1886:Gorgeous Direct-Feed Screenshots Leaked; Contextual Melee Combat Is Absolutely Brutal

GearNuke: "Check out some gorgeous screenshots of The Order 1886 and the brutal melee in action."

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DarkOcelet1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

That is the best couch i have ever seen in a game. The indoor sections of the game looks absolutely gorgeous.

Dhampir1433d ago

These fanboys...

Reminds me of some kid on the playstation forums. Said he could just watch the hair in heavenly sword, and didn't care about gameplay. Sony's marketing teams must have succubi at their heads.

Bloodborne Couch > Order 1886 Couch

guyman1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

"Bloodborne Couch > Order 1886 Couch"

That is just stupid.

OT: I was hoping the game would have melee like in TLOU... it kinda sucks that all you have to do is press one button which unleashes a melee combo. O well, still flipping excited for the game

nX1433d ago

It's a nice couch man y u hatin'?

IrisHeart1432d ago

"That is the best couch i have ever seen in a game." <---lol.

DarkOcelet1432d ago

Yeah :D I would definitely sit on it ^_^

MasterCornholio1433d ago

I like how the melee attacks only require pressing one button. It would stink if executions required a variety of button presses to do like in Ryse for example.

Game looks amazing and the attention to detail is incredible.

Want to go back in time to Victorian London?

Just play The Order 1886.

quiddd1433d ago

As I recall all melee attacks in any game required one button. CO required R3. Was Rose different?

MasterCornholio1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

Well from what I've seen of Ryse in order to do an execution (brutal melee attack) you have to press a series of buttons (QTEs).

What I'm saying is that at least in the order you only need to press one button to execute them.

P.S I'm only using Ryse as an example because I dont know of any other games that do that.

I apologize for offending anyone with that.

StarLord_Who1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

More than one button, they are QTEs aren't they?

I don't mind one button melee attacks, they can be fun and satisfying, i mostly love the Uncharted melee combat system but QTEs are that gray area that i don't like treading across, Ryse was ok but it got boring quickly and Hitman: Absolution was fun but this game does something that both those games don't, the NPCs can shoot and hit you mid animation so i might not even be able to use melee half of the time. They should have just copied the last of us, they have with everything else.

Forn1433d ago

This game looks absolutely amazing. I wish it was next Friday right about now.

KnownAsEpic1433d ago

Why don't we start building a time machine to travel to next Friday? if we could make it work by Thursday, we win!

Allsystemgamer1433d ago

I got it last night. The entire time I was playing I couldn't tell if it was a CGi movie or a game. It's incredible. The physics are amazing. Gunplay is satisfying and I've played until chapter 4 and have had ONE qte

ashen1221433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

Oh man that hip fire looks awesome

And like darkO said that couch is beautiful, although it wouldn't look good in my house ): all black furniture (:

EDIT goddamn Galahad hits hard

Ultraplayerxp1433d ago

I really want to see the menu screen for some reason.

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