New Dissidia: Final Fantasy Announced at JAEPO, First Trailer Released

During a stage event at JAEPO at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, near Tokyo Square Enix just announced a brand new Dissidia: Final Fantasy game, and this time around it’s an arcade title.

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Snookies121344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

Oh come on! This would have been beautiful on Vita or PS4! It better be ported over if this is indeed Dissidia 3...

360ICE1344d ago

After reading that it was only going to be for arcade, I didn't think it would look like this! It looks really awesome. I'd pay for that on any platform.

Snookies121344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

Wow! Yeah, I didn't even see the trailer! It's freaking gorgeous! My hype went through the roof. It's going to kill me inside if this never gets a console release. I'm sure it will though, a lot of arcade games get console releases. Plus, this is such a fan service game to a huge franchise. It's hard to see it 'not' releasing on console.

360ICE1344d ago

True that! Fighting games in particular tend to make it to arcades first.

never4get1344d ago

Making the game for arcade means they have a Game Engine that's not ready for Playstation 4 but able to look like the trailer shown with a ~$1000 arcade computer

Gunslinger Stratos powered by Silicon Studio's Orochi Engine, an another arcade game from Square Enix is being port to PC with 2015 Japanese release date.

Although Orochi Game Engine is playable on PS4, the engine is still not optimized enough to bring Gunslinger Stratos the amazing visual from the Arcade machine to the PS4.

NukaCola1343d ago


Square cannot go five minutes without making a bad decision. Could of been a X1/PS4 title...well you know, something the fans want. I will never play this with maybe once if it's at something like Disney quest. I haven't seen an arcade in years.

DemonChicken1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

@ NukaCola

Why the instant Square Enix fail. You do realise this is in Japan Arcades right? As it was announced in Japan and not meant for the Western audience/market. Japanese arcades are an entirely different market and user base so yeah unless you are in Japan you won't play it.


It's pretty likely that this game will com on consoles considering Square Enix's current track record with remasters or HD/definitive collections plus this genre is a match for the consoles/held-hands. As with what some people already mentioned some games hit arcades then to consoles - Tekken 7 or Gundam franchise by Bandai Namco.

For some people that is concerned Sqaure Enix doesn't port it's arcade games, some weren't really suited for the console audience (please bear in mind these are mostly designed with arcades in mind), e.g.

- Lord of Vermilion - card collectible game - however spawned spin-offs on PSP and PSVita like Lord of Arcana and Lord of Apocalypse
- Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Road - another card battler but a port of the Legends game, was announced for the Wii in 2010
- Gunslinger Stratos - Light gun shooter - Gunslinger Stratos:Reloaded was announced to be released in 2015 for Windows PC, sequel to the 2nd arcade game.

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iamtehpwn1344d ago

If this doesn't come to Consoles, it would be an UTTER outrage. Amazing game, one of my favorite 3d fighters.

Spenok1344d ago

Seriously this DEMANDS a console release. It looks freaking epic. Can not wait for the (hopefully) eventual console release.

-Foxtrot1344d ago

Why can't they do a PS4 version

They could easily add onto the character list

Abriael1344d ago

The PS4 version COULD come, you never know. Many fighting games start arcade and then go to consoles.

Godmars2901344d ago

From the trailer it looks like 3-vs-3 action and destructible environments. I don't think the PS4 is up to that, especially in an online multiplayer capacity.

Probably be waiting six months after release to make it playable for 1-on-1.

plmkoh1344d ago

So 3v3 is not OK, but 1158 player battles in PlanetSide 2 is OK?

kowan1344d ago

I'm pretty sure that's very doable in the consoles, even on a ps3 or 360(of course with some downgrades on the character models and particle effects) but otherwise doable.

Snookies121344d ago

What? Of course the PS4 can handle that... Look at Red Faction Guerrilla's destruction capabilities with buildings on PS3... And MAG as well with all those people playing at once... I'm sure the PS4 can handle some rocks breaking and 6 players going at it at once.

Godmars2901344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

Big difference between FPS, and an arena fighter reminiscent of Power Stone people. Whether you want to face it or not.

I mean, tell me how many FPS there have been in the past couple of gens, and how many Power Stone clones.

Nevermind the online question.

Abriael1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

@Godmars290: lol. You don't seem to be aware that even the most powerful arcade cabinets out there at the moment are slightly less powerful than a PS4/Xbox One.

So yes. Unless this game uses completely new hardware, and there's absolutely no indication that it will, current gen consoles will be able to handle this game just fine.

Godmars2901344d ago

And I say that you're ignoring the exception to the rule. That if such a game were so easy, that given its popularity at the time when it was really a thing that Dissidia would have made an appearance on the PS3 yet it didn't.

Despite that arcade boards where built from PS3 specs, could still be using them, I don't think its as easy as you think it is. Not that it wont ever happen mind you, just that its not as simple. That its another case of hardware built for a specific task similar to PC and consoles, or exclusives - when the word meant a damn - and multiplatform standardization.

Spenok1344d ago

You seem to forget Ninja Gaiden got an online mode on PS3/360. A versus mode very similar to this. Assassins Creed, sure it's not as action heavy, but it still has more than 6 players. Brutal Legend had online MP. Pretty much any MMO this, or last gen. God of War Ascension. Etc etc. The reason shooters have dominated the online market is because they're easier to make, easier to give instant gratification, as well as easier to allow people of all skill levels to play. This could EASILY be made for consoles. Keep in mind I have only named a few. My point is it HAS been done already. So why couldn't it be done again?

Ripsta7th1344d ago

So it can be on ps3 you say? The old dissidia was on the freakin psp -___-

Inception1343d ago

"From the trailer it looks like 3-vs-3 action and destructible environments. I don't think the PS4 is up to that, especially in an online multiplayer capacity"

You're joking right???

Godmars2901343d ago

You and a lot of people seem to have forgotten that we've just gotten through a rather limited and uncreative console gen. That though online saw a major push, that its success was on a near case by case basis.

The game is very likely possible on a PS4 or X1, but more than likely because of economic concerns its better for them now to put it put it on a few hundred to thousand dedicated arcade boards, run it through a no - less - hassle online network for a native market that all but has national holidays for game releases, than to commit to multi-million needed sales to a fickle world-wide market on machines that have resolution and frame rate issues, with one title being 1080p 60fps another 720p 30fps, on networks which go down if breathed on. Nevermind DDoS attacks or heavy traffic.

This is a money thing. By their own jaded judgement, how the game did on an easily pirateable handheld, Square doesn't trust the IP outside of Japan. They also don't want to go to the added expense and fine-tuning of making it work on consoles much the same way Activision fine-tunes COD months after putting the game out.

Its a cheap money grab is what I'm saying. Sans the headache that console game production has become.

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Skate-AK1344d ago

Guilty Gear Xrd and Tekken 7 went with the launch on Arcade route. I am sure this game will come to consoles at some point.

kowan1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

That was from other developers. Square-enix has NEVER ported any of their arcade games on consoles. BUt I do hope they will with this. Dissidia has some big following and it's to much of a waste to have it on Arcades only, a platform that is nonexistent in most part of the world.

Spenok1344d ago

Right? I saw that too. I'm pretty excited about this.

Jubez1871343d ago

That was kinda a meh choice. But if she plays a cool healer role then I can understand. I think the little mage dude would have been cool, but that'd look weird if they ever put Vivi in the game.

My choice would have been Raubahn

GameBoyColor1343d ago

Yugiri would be my next choice,

Godbert and Hildibrand would kick ass too, but they a little op

con4g231344d ago

so they changed the battle system
i hope we got to do free action movement / attacks this time
AND come to ps4 !

NiteX1344d ago

Damn that's a big improvement over the PSP graphics.

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