Life Is Strange - Episode 1 Review [Kuma Kreations Ent]

Iselin wrote: Welcome to Blackwell High and angsty teenage hell!

After Telltale’s success with The Walking Dead games rejuvenated the adventure game genre it was only a matter of time before other developers jumped on the bandwagon. Square Enix and Dontnod Entertainment join the party with Life Is Strange, an episodic game consisting of 5 chapters in its first season. You play as Max and 18 year old senior student with a passion for photography that suddenly discovers that she has the ability to turn back time. This ability comes in handy as she starts investigating the mysterious disappearance of a fellow student. However, there is a lot of high school drama to get through first.

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TheSuperior 1434d ago

I have thought about trying this game. Still unsure but think I just might give it a try.