‘Tired’ Peter Molyneux And ‘Cheated’ Gaming Media Break Up Right Before Valentine’s Day

Peter Molyneux and the gaming media have cut all ties today just ahead of Valentine's Day. We asked both sides for their post-break up thoughts. *Satire*

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LightDiego1347d ago

I don't know what is worse, the false promises of Molyneux or gaming journalists pretending to have been deceived. Both lie, so both deserve each other.

-Foxtrot1347d ago

Ha that's what he's like isn't he...the cheating boyfriend who makes false promises with you but then ends up screwing you over only for us to take them back again and give them one more chance


WELL NO MORE, I am a strong, independent, omnivorous mammal who don't need no man

SpiralTear1347d ago

I know this is satire, which is very looked down upon here on N4G, but...c'mon, this is funny.

VGMMDI1347d ago

What? I've felt nothing but pure love from the N4G community.

Rachel_Alucard1347d ago

He had this coming to him for years now, that RPS interview he did he got knocked out so hard you could hear the killer instinct announcer going "ULTRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAA" from miles away.

Doritos_Pope1347d ago

Everyone should read the Rock paper shotgun interview, now thats journalism. about time!

Maxor1347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

Wow that interview is the best piece of gaming journalism I read in decades. That is real reporting unlike the fanboy garbage that goes for news on N4G these days.


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