Star Swarm, DirectX 12 AMD APU Performance Preview

Anandtech digs deeper into DirectX 12.

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gangsta_red1434d ago

Soooo, what does all this mean? In baby words...

no_more_heroes1434d ago

I love reading these things, simply BECAUSE I get so lost and confused at the techno-babble.

One of these days...I'll understand what I'm reading lol!

GameNameFame1434d ago (Edited 1434d ago )

Good for PC and meh for Xbox.

Spencer shot it down AGAIN after bradwel made his comment. Like for 5th time in a row.

In laymens term, it helps with multi-threading.

But problem is, devs are already multithreading more and more on consoles. PC? Not as much. That is why it is going to help so much.

It is bit misleading on console, to say DX12 improves it since it is actually multithreading that improved it.

Don't believe me?

Believe Spencer. He shot it down 5 times.

How about devs at GDC?
That was posted by ubisoft. His result on multithreading.

never4get1433d ago

DirectX 12 help new Games use 8 of the cpu cores in Xbox One instead of the usual One.

CptVimes1433d ago

@GameNameFame That first Phil Spencer quote came from June 2014 and the second came from the TIC podcast in Oct 2014 when exactly has he shot down anything about this since, I'll tell you when, never! Why don't you just wait and see like the rest of us instead of mouthing of against every positive Xbox article.

Gamer19821433d ago

Oh god here come the xbox theorists again.. Console games use all the cores already, you really think xbox games are locked to one core?? Your really that deluded? No your just saying it so you can later say oh look the xbox has 8X the power now! and come off as an idiot. This will help pc gaming as unlike consoles it doesn't have combined architecture so games devs have issues getting to hardware like cores etc.. Those restrictions don't exist on xbox one and ps4. This is why it will make only minor differences on xbox.

Why do you guys have to lie over and over?? You think it will sell more xboes so you will feel better about your purchase?? If that's the case then you surely made the wrong choice in console if you feel the constant need make crap up to defend it.

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HaydenJameSmith1434d ago (Edited 1434d ago )

Well according to Brad Wardell this test is the equivalent of Xbox One like hardware... the Xbox One has a similar AMD APU setup.


Me to, looking forward to it... TiC are set to do a podcast with the X1 DX12 team at some point if you didn't already know. Hopefully after GDC...


I do think it was a bit ignorant for people to believe there would be no be gains on Xbox One, we've been told and shown now that with games that are written in DX12 there will be beneficial gains...

christocolus1434d ago (Edited 1434d ago )

i just saw that too.cant wait for the Xbox One DX12 team to talk more about it. GDC will be very interesting.


They actually plan to do two interviews. one before GDC and the other after GDC.

hello121434d ago (Edited 1434d ago )

Everybody who has any clue knows dx12 will help the x box 1.

X BOX 1 has a AMD GPU and CPU and 8 cores of course it was going to help. Just look how much dx12 is benefiting AMD hardware

You think Microsoft and AMD are stupid they knew along time ago the benefits. Only a few on the web noticed it. I was talking about directx12 at the launch that it would improve frame rates and hardly nobody was talking about it back then now everybody is jumping on the bandwagon.

[email protected] i only have one bubble so i doubt i have more edits but yes but ignorance is bliss when you don't know what dx12 was doing in first place and thats why lot of people on here hated on it.

Anantech has verified that Direct12 delivers significant results on lower end (like say, a console) HW.

GameNameFame1434d ago (Edited 1434d ago )


Except MS themselves. LOL who shot it down so many times.

MS engineers wont even put improvements on DX12 same slide as X1. They separated slides. On PC slides, amazing benefits.

On X1 slides? no mention of those benefits.

This gotta be the desperate straw grab ever. MS themselves shot this down! like 5 times!!

On console? yea. If it wasnt optimized or if no one multithreaded before. Except they do...

CptVimes1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

@GameNameFame It's called tempering expectations, besides which we'll all find out the truth at GDC and instead of having armchair devs telling us it'll do nothing we'll have people who know what they're talking about instead of guesswork from people with an agenda.

imt5581433d ago

Quote :

we've been told and shown now that with games that are written in DX12 there will be beneficial gains...

Only on PC, not Xbone. Same shit happens with DX9 on X360. They said before it will be miracle. I saw your comment and you quoted Aaron Greenberg about DX12.... Well, how's going on MrX blog?

Gamer19821433d ago

Indeed DX12 unlike previous releases is actually gonna boost lower powered pcs. In the past getting a new version of dx meant getting a new card or cpu to keep up with a more demanding api. Now its the opposite they went all mantle like with it and those with APUs should see the biggest difference. I honestly cannot wait for the launch as we all see PCs beating consoles now (at a similar price point). Once this launches you will get a ps4/xbone beating PC for LESS than the consoles.

HaydenJameSmith1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )


Leave it to you to make a fanboy argument out of everything in a strictly xbox related article. Wherever there be an article regarding Xbox One and Dx12, you'll be there to downplay it... as you always do (you know why cause all of us real gamers are actually playing are PS4's and Xbox One's). You'll claim to being objective which is completely false or you'd be showing the same sort of criticism (well in your case fanboy BS) in PS articles.

So your saying there will be no benefits ? Rhetorical btw, I can clearly see you are unable to reply due to that 1 bubble you have (wonder if there is a reason for that, hmmm). Even if you do admit there would be some small benefit, if so is that not an improvement ? cause I dunno why you would argue with me in that case. No where am I stating the console is going to get massive improvements, you know why ? cause I don't know and guess what neither do you... so you can feed the usual Pony dribble if you want (and continue being the fanboy I know you are) but it'll be ignored.

And I guess you are saying that Aaron Greenberg, Phil Spencer and Brad Wardell (all the guys who have had hands on or know exactly what DX12 is going to do) are all wrong or lying ? versus you and your fanboy opinion...

Both Aaron, Phil and Brad have stated there will be benefits on Xbox One:

Tweet from Phil:

"DX12 will have impact on XBOX One games written for DX12. Some DX12 features are already in XBOX One but full DX12 coming."

Interview with Brad:


Tweet from Aaron:

Justin Aguiar @JustinAguiar
@aarongreenberg Dx12 going to effect x1substantially? Or more PC

Aaron Greenberg @aarongreenberg
@JustinAguiar Both, but devs have to make use of it.

Btw I love that thing you do where you quote one part of my statement and then just reply to that while ignoring the rest (cause you know really that it's true that ponies on this site, including yourself, downplay every X1 DX12 article ignorantly - you don't know what it's gonna do, just sick of all you armchair devs pretending like you know everything), just like that thing ye do where "ye ponies" miss-quote Phil's tweets - for example "DX12 will not have a massive impact on Xbox" and forget the rest... all you ponies are the same.

HaydenJameSmith1433d ago

And btw the 360 Dx software made developing very easy for dev's at negligable loss for performance on the CPU side.

"it can easily be argued that the implementation of DirectX is a key reason that the Xbox 360's tools and development environment are considered to be generally excellent."

It wasn't a miracle, and it wasn't boasted as so, or anything but I guess your denying any improvements on launch 360 games and end of cycle 360 games, are you blind ? (Perfect Dark, Gears, Mass Effect, GTA 4 ===> Halo 4, Gears 3, Mass Effect 3, GTA 5) do you deny that there is no improvements last generation.

And the fact that you don't think MS would have learned and improved there DX tools for console and PC development from last gen to this gen is laughable. Guess what how similar the PS4 and X1's architectures are to PC is very deliberate and MS knew well what they were doing with DX12 when they were developing the Xbox One yet your just blind to the facts. Believe what you want, there is literally no arguing with you ponies... you'll just just ignore facts and quote one part of my words and reply to that and completely take it out of context like always. Dunno why your so obsessed with my internet activities either...

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AndrewLB1434d ago

It means nothing. Star Swarm is a demo/benchmark tool that was made by Oxide for AMD and is highly tuned specifically to AMD graphics chips. It focuses far too much on specific memory operations and not a wide variety of GPU workloads that would be be comparable to the kind of work a GPU does while running games. to be honest I don't think this can be called a benchmark tool and instead should be called a AMD Marketing Tool.

I also just noticed Anandtech is using the latest beta driver for the AMD cards, but are using an nVidia driver two releases old.

And on top of that, using a dual-core i3 processor in a comparison with two quad-core AMD chips?? They should have been fair and included an i5-4430 quad-core which is only $25 more than the faster of the two AMD chips.

1434d ago
cannon88001433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

@ gangsta_red

In baby words? Okay, here goes: GOOOO GOOOo!? GAA GAA! AHHH! BOO BOO? GOO GOO GOO?

kingduqc1433d ago

Back in the days programmers would write instructions for the processor in order. 1 then 2 then 3 and after that 4. There was only one thread running the program and this was how it was. Fast forward a few years and complex software started using many threads.Each threads can do work while the others to some. They can spread workload of 1,2,3,4 easily across the processor. Let say thread 1 do task 1 and core 2 do task two etc.

With DX11, only one thread at the time can talk to the GPU, he's the main work horse and everyone is waiting after him.

With DX12, every thread can talk to the gpu, no more waiting. This waiting caused the gpu to sit doing nothing and not rendering frames. This is great for slow processor with many cores (like the amd apu).

At the end of the day, you could save money with dx12 buy getting a cpu that is slower but will still do the job maknig sure the gpu work all the time or you can spend the money you saved on a faster gpu.

In the future, it also allow developers to do much more complex univers.

Mkai281433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

All you need to know is the difference you see on the charts. The better the CPU can handle these things, the more stuff you can throw at the CPUs. More physics, calculations, AI, ect..

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ElementX1434d ago

Gains "could" be significant on Xbox and MS may know this, however it's best to downplay any potential gains on Xbox One until they can be tested and proven in real scenarios instead of just charts and benchmarks. IF, and I mean IF, there will be an impressive performance boost, MS is playing their cards right and suggesting only minor improvement to reduce any unwarranted hype. Excess hype is never a good thing and promising extensive gains would only hurt them if DX12 really doesn't do much for Xbox One.

Bigpappy1434d ago

Very well said. Keep that hype down. Lets see what M$ shows at GDC and then at E3. Lets also wait for developers to talk about how it affects what they can do with the new API.

I am on the edge of my seat in anticipation of more info. Will 'Tiled Resources' allow for more painting of triangles with fewer shaders? But I want good practical info and I want it straight from the horses (M$ and developers).

I must say I do fine these finding for Anandtech and Wardell to be very encouraging though.

DougLord1434d ago (Edited 1434d ago )

When I posted this 3 weeks ago I got ripped to shreds! DX12 is going to be awesome for certain types of games not everything! Star Dock bought the Star Control IP. Star Dock makes CPU constrained strategy games! GDC will have STAR CONTROL 4 DEMO EXCLUSIVE to WIN 10 and XONE!

GreetingsfromCanada1433d ago

I long for a day all computers come with at least a apu that can play games at lowest settings at 30fps.

FlyingFoxy1433d ago

Eh? I believe even the best AMD processors which aren't expensive, come with APU's capable of playing fairly recent games at 30+fps, some maybe 60 average at medium/low settings.. albeit at a 720p resolution, not 1080p though.

There's a guy on youtube who showed performance of BF4 (i think) running on one, i think it was jayz2cents or whatever his name is.

GreetingsfromCanada1433d ago

The problem isn't they don't exist, the problem is they're not very popular when they deserve to be.

teo721433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

I believe Pc will have real gains from dx12 due to the fact that PC's run unoptimised code (meaning not optimised for one spesific CPU and Gfx-card.) On console they can run optimised code since all Xbox one's are identical inside (same hardware. Same case with the rest of the consoles). This is why performance benefits will be alot less on consoles.

How much of an improvement there will be on say Xbone will depend on how optimized the game engines and game codes are to the xbone hardware allready. Gamedevs does not seem to optimistic from what I have read online. Games on all consoles will continue to improve as they age regardless of which directx they are running as devs get more experienced with the hardware.

Be realistic people. No console will get 5-6 times more power out of it due to dx12. Believing that it will happen, will only set you up for a rather large fall IMHO.

kingbain901433d ago

Who is saying it will make the xb1 5-6x more powerful?

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