PSN launches best ever North American Flash Sale: up to 80 percent off games

Got no concrete plans for Valentine's weekend yet? Well, thankfully Sony's got you covered as it's just announced a North American flash sale on PlayStation Network, entitled: 'Love/Hate'.

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CorndogBurglar3214d ago


Geometry Wars 3
How to Survive
Little Big Planet 3

These are great games...

Haki11123214d ago

Dive kick and Geometry Wars are fun as all hell

InTheZoneAC3214d ago

if you haven't played super stardust, they rereleased it on the ps4 this week, easily better than geometry wars despite that also being a great game

Dee_913214d ago

2.Fricken sweet
3.Air current
4.( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I agree with @darx

InTheZoneAC3214d ago

way too many retards here to understand the OP likes the sale...

Gamer19823214d ago

PS4 games on sale are garbage but what else is new?? If you dont own the games you would pick up on this sale already I would be highly surprised.

vacoby53214d ago

Rayman is a good game and fairly new (October right?) Los at its lowest price even retail. Good selection across the board even if not great. Is a bunch of good games at the lowest price I've seen besides a couple that were free on plus

Deathdeliverer3214d ago

Guilty Gear xrd isn't a good buy? Get some glasses. Arguably the best new fighter out right now with one of the deepest fighting engines you could ask for at more than half off? Gaming must suck for you if none of this list of 80 games is appealing. Maybe you should change hobbies. I hear knitting is making a comeback.

kingduqc3214d ago

I agree with you... Some bad games, bargain bin ones or indie game I have not heard about. The only game I'd actually get would be LittleBigPlanet 3 but even then 24$ is too expensive...

Me-Time3214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )


It came out in November. 60% off for LBP3? Good lord, I have to get that NOW (edit - I got LBP1 the first week it came out). I always wait for games to drop in price so that I can get them to be as cheap as long as I can wait (PS3 backlog!), so for a PS4 game that came out not a full four months ago to be under $30.... I'm happy.


Picked up King of Fighters 99, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Street Fighter IIIrd strike complete, and Capcom vs SNK 2

Total??? $8.90!

lipton1013214d ago

There's not a single game I want to buy with this sale. Sorry, LBP3 is not my thing since I'm not 8 years old. There's also only 13 there. Drive kick? I'll just wait for MKX. Mercenary kings, towerfall and sports friends have already been given out for free (and they're trash). I've already beaten knack. The tomb raider knock off is also there along with the DLC that costs more than the game - no thanks. Out of all of them, the only halfway decent one is geometry wars. And since Id play it for only 5 minutes before getting bored, I think I'll have to pass... Even the movies suck. Who got paid to write this article???

cplus3214d ago

This guy actually wrote a story about why he won't buy anything like anyone gives a damn.

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jmac533215d ago

The fact that knack is $10 right now in a sale means it's coming to PS Plus soon. I always buy game in a sale and then they appear on plus right after.


Funny its like they try and squeeze the last few dollars out before they whore it out to plus haha

vacoby53214d ago

Lol that's true. They usually do it that way.. "let's get our last few sales before it's free"

SpadeX3214d ago

Or maybe they're giving you a chance to own it forever before it becomes free on Plus? OR perhaps this whole thing is an assumption and Knack won't come to Plus after the sale's over?

life283214d ago

Knack should be in PS plus months ago. It´s time for AAA games in PS Plus for PS4, not shitty indies.

nirwanda3214d ago

Injustice spent about 2 weeks clogging up my HDD, completed it a couple of times and found it a bit boring.
This month on the other hand I can't put down rogue legacy and last month the swapper did the same.

The Great Melon3214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

Rogue Legacy is so addicting. I spent many hours playing through it on my PC. Alexander the IV is near impossible to beat in his remix form without lots of training.

solid_snake36563214d ago

Yup, it's basically their last ditch effort to make money off of a game that isn't selling like it did when it was released.

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ashen1223215d ago

Holy ballsacks! Guilty gear for 25 good thing I waited .
Thanks Sony

remixx1163215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )