Ubisoft Is Still Lying to Your Face about Assassin’s Creed

Twinfinite writes: Who is surprised really? Yesterday was time for the annual earnings conference call by CEO of Ubisoft Yves Guillemot. It’s a typical thing for large corporations, mostly to inform the shareholders who are keeping such companies afloat to have their concerns addressed. The things we’ve learned, as gamers, are a bit less than optimistic.

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rawshack3217d ago

the game wasnt as bad as what people who haven't played it was saying.i never had any bad glitchs.though i admit some times these chests was a bit of a hassle

Aloy-Boyfriend3217d ago

yeah! It wasn't as bad as the people who haven't played it said, it was just as bad and worse as the ''actual people who played it'' said.

3217d ago
strauser3603217d ago

that thumbnail reminds me of the movie mars attacks.

Aloy-Boyfriend3217d ago


I bet you recently got the game after it got the patch with the 7 GB of data that was missing day 1. I got the game at launch, and it was an utter mess...unacceptable. I had to stop playing it and wait not for the 1st patch, or the 2nd patch, or the 3rd patch, but the 4th patch in order to the game to be playable. How is that okay?

I can't forgive Ubisoft for that even is the game is mostly fixed. After that, it is going to be really hard to make me buy an Ass Greed game

starchild3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )


I played the game on PC and I can prove it to anyone. I liked the game quite a lot and had no major issues with it. The only issues I had were glitchy NPCs and the stupid locked chests that required the companion app (neither of which were game breaking, just annoying). Otherwise the game was pretty damn good and looked amazing.

I bought it at launch by the way. It was never broken. Glitchy? Yes. Broken? No. The glitches improved a lot with each patch.

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AndrewLB3216d ago

I hate defending Ubisoft, but the game wasn't broken for a bunch of people. The only issue I had with the PC version was a frame rate drop below 60 during cutscenes. other than that, smooth sailing.

starchild3216d ago

Yeah, they definitely need to step it up in the quality control department. Both AC Unity and Far Cry 4 could have used more development time.

heychrisfox3216d ago

For a company with a multi-million dollar profit margin and budget, they shouldn't be selling games that are broken for half of players, especially as a full release.

If they can release a game as big as Far Cry 4 with minimal issues, their flagship franchise can at least be functional.

memots3216d ago

They want 60$ for a game that has so many glitch then they tag along some in app purchasing as if your playing a mobile game. i wont touch this game.
Maybe at 10$ at some point on PC but not for a long time.

Tankbusta403217d ago

Citing Ign is like citing Wikipedia for your masters thesis... You'll get laughed out of the room

Tsubasa-Oozora3217d ago

I wish that site would disappear

WeirdShroom3217d ago

Speaking of faces, I absolutely hate how all the adverts for AC Unity featuring multiple Arno's, EVEN THE ONE WHEN YOU START THE GAME, Show him with varied facial hair...yet that is not an option. False advertising.

WizzroSupreme3216d ago

Ubisoft has failed me for the last time.

Neo_Zeed3216d ago

Ubisoft has become nothing but a PR factory for a mass produced garbage plant. All they do anymore is spin BS and try to sell you on the concept that they aren't making trash.

Muzikguy3216d ago

I couldn't agree more with this

memots3216d ago

They might as well start making Mobile games and puts add on superbowl.

heychrisfox3216d ago

Could they even do that without messing up their game? ;)

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Someone hit a big, red Release button. How were they supposed to know what it did?

Chocoburger20h ago

What? How do you accidentally release a game? Did someone's cat jump on the digital store manager's keyboard?

FinalFantasyFanatic3h ago

Damn those interns huh? Or maybe it was the new guy?

Redgrave3h ago

Why does Ubisoft hate this series


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Jin_Sakai13d ago

Don’t think I’ve ever even seen a Ubisoft ad on X.