Nintendo Proclaims 'New is Good' in 3DS XL Commercials

Set in a "University Testing Facility", each of the three commercials focuses on a different feature of the New 3DS XL, highlighting the handheld's C-stick, "Super-Stable 3D", and enhanced processing power.

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98xpresent1370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

I Really Really dislike nintendo.

And of course the nintendo fanboys are just gonna let it slide. And it Doesn't even comes with a charger

MegaRay1369d ago

Every time I remember it doesnt came with a charger I facepalm real hard.

Tho you cant blame Nintendo since they know, no matter what they do, people gonna buy it (for the 3rd time) instead of buying a Vita. (Which make Nintendo think weak and cheap is better)

But whatever, what do I know anyway.

ValKilmer1370d ago

Sure, new is good if you have a spare $200 lying around.

-Foxtrot1370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

Seems like a sucker choice to me because lets face it, hang on for a year or so and they'll introduce a next gen handheld you'll be able to play New 3DS games on like Xenoblade Chronicles

This shouldn't of had a spec upgrade, they should of just waited for the next gen handheld

Imagine if Microsoft or Sony came out with the Xbox One or PS4 slim and said "It's got a few better specs here and there however you'll only be able to play Gears of War 4 and Last of Us 2 with the slim consoles". People would riot.

voodoochild3461369d ago

Until there's a new game that's exclusive to the new 3ds then it's not nearly as big of a deal as you'd like to think. A port of xenoblade isn't nearly as bad as gears 4 or the last of us 2 being exclusive to a hardware revision.

You want everyone to get up in arms about something Nintendo has done since the gameboy pocket. People like yourself always complained about "having" to buy a new system because it's more portable, because it has color, because it has a built in backlight, because it's brighter, etc.
Meanwhile, people like me just do their research and make the best decision. If you want to buy a console just for one game then so be it. If not then stop complaining like Nintendo cares. If they did sure as hell wouldn't have named their consoles the way they did...