USA Weekly Charts, 31st January 2015

USA Hardware by Platform:
PS4 49,449 (+16%) 7,030,463
XOne 43,843 (+16%) 6,404,716
3DS 22,922 (+3%) 14,446,309
WiiU 17,273 (+13%) 3,858,744
X360 10,624 (+8%) 44,373,070
PS3 9,537 (+14%) 26,627,504
PSV 4,411 (+5%) 2,051,179
Wii 1,636 (0%) 41,655,015

USA Software:
1 Dying Light (PS4)
2 Dying Light (XOne)
3 Grand Theft Auto V (PS4)
4 Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (3DS)
5 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (PS4)

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ArchangelMike1342d ago

There will probably be a spike in PS4 sales when The Order 1886 releases next week.

mikeslemonade1342d ago

In before the guys that say "It's VGchartz". The numbers are close enough! Stop making excuses!

quiddd1342d ago

Yeah but you got to look at the big picture. This is the country where the XBox is supposed to dominate. It isn't the case judging from these number(but it it VGChartz). This isn't the case outside the US where the XBox is not as well liked.

hello121342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

[email protected] What have you suddenly forgotten about 2013 when x box 1 was being attacked everywhere on the web, by its own fans, and Playstation fans!

x box had know right to win anywhere including the united states.

A year later the number of x box ones sold to customers is anywhere between 11 to 13 million- 40 countries.

Of course Microsoft would like to be number 1 but realistically after the start they had in 2013 they should be happy with the numbers.

Gears 4 and Halo 5 are not even out yet, the number
of people owning an x box 1 will jump significantly higher this year than last year i am betting. Probably see that rise around summer time.

[email protected] So what if PS4 keeps selling well it doesn't really affect Microsoft or me?

X box owners only care the console gets good games.

I am just pointing out 11 to 13 million is not bad at all. PS4 success is all well and good but it doesn't mean anything to an x box 1 gamer really, think about it.

quiddd1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

@KNWS-I appreciate your response....thank you. Although I do agree when those games do come out for XBox, a jump in numbers will happen; those games being the heavy hitters for XBox.


May I ask you how much of a dent will take place once pretty big hitters(Order, Bloodbourne) already have hit? Then after XBox release those big hitters...........after that Uncharted and Ratchet and Clank comes out.

quiddd1342d ago

@KNWS-this is an interesting debate I must say

I thought this article about sales. You started your initial reply(thank you again) about sales when Gears and Halo comes out. Then in your second reply it seemed like you were inferring that sale numbers and being number 1 does not matter that much. The articles the past few months beg to differ. Let me elaborate......
First there was the release in China. Microsoft boasted a 100000 first week. The company and artcles and Xbox enthusiasts all shouted that the #1 spot would be reclaimed.
This is an article about US sales. Fair enough. During the holiday season, XBox with the help of a price reduction won the #1 spot for the US and UK. Again articles and enthusiasts shouted and made it known that XBox is again number 1.
Now that PS4 took #1 for the month of January sales no longer matter? Even though it mattered two months earlier?

DigitalRaptor1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )


What makes you think Xbone will "jump significantly higher this year than last year" around summer time? What system-seller is releasing in summer? Possibly Fable Legends? It's a spin-off and the last one of those in the series struggled to sell 0.25 million worldwide.

What else is there to cause this "jump"?

And btw, the PS4 sales have affected you enough to pathologically lie about a number of things to downplay the sales gap. So you obviously do care enough to form bland theories about why the gap between both consoles is "not as large as people think", when it's already been heavily disproven.

@ quiddd

Don't worry dude, he only shouts about sales mattering when there's a glimmer of hope of Xbone outselling the PS4 in a given month. The double standards are sickeningly real, and it's hilarious seeing the hopes and dreams of a more popular Xbone come crashing down in January like I predicted. There's only so much hope holiday season promotions can provide.

@ CapraDemon

He gets the 11-13 million figure from his bum bum:

Jaqen_Hghar1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

it's funny that they say that because normally the NA numbers on VGchartz had X1 ahead January-October last year when it lost 10 months straight and then again when it lost last month. So really yeah they're not accurate but normally that's because they're under tracking PS4 or over tracking X1 as we usually see when NPD (very accurate but only NA) comes out.

SpringHeeledJack1342d ago

But the thing is they are not close enough, NPD prove that. VG chartz can and is way off nearly all the time.

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reaperofsouls1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

at KNWS - Where exactly do you get 11-13 million from?

For 31st jan14 AMD officially anounced 30 m xb1 / ps4 shipped units ( they would know they make the APUs)

sony offically anounced a total of 13.5 m ps4 shipped in Q2 and an additional 6.4m in Q3 making a toatal of 19.9 m ps4 shipped.

30m combined - 19.9m sony shipped =10.1m xb1 shipped for 31st jan 14.

so out of thoose 10.1 m shipped xb1, maybe 9-9.5 are sold by 31st jan + an additional 6week sales at perhaps 100000 p/week = 9.6 - 10.1 m sold through by mid february

edit: MS have not release sold through numbers since december 13 when they anounced 3 m sold through, since then they anounced 5 m shipped spring 14 and soon to shipped 10 m in oct14. Note that the term "soon" does not stand up to scientific scrutiny as it is a non specific timeframe and could mean anything from days to months

Magicite1342d ago

I would say there certain will, not just probably.

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FITgamer1342d ago

Why even submit this? We already know how January played out.

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andresegr1342d ago

Exactly, now VGChartz are back peddaling with their predictions yet AGAIN. They had the X1 winning every week from january until the NPD came out. Now they just put the Ps4 on the first place but the numbers just dont add up.

Fro_xoxo1342d ago

Real statistics already came out.. fake stats still gets approved ^_^

quiddd1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

That "limited time", "special". "Promotional", XBox One price of 349.99 might become permanent in order to try to catch up..............from these numbers..............but it is VG(grain of salt)chatrz

GiantFriendlyCrab1342d ago

and the gap is widening even further in america

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