Aganos Detailed in Killer Instinct

Hardcore Gamer: During their Twitch stream, Iron Galaxy detailed the new giant rock and tree-based character Aganos. This monster is akin to Earthquake from Samurai Shodown or Juggernaut in the Capcom X-Men licensed fighters because he’s so gigantic. He’s the largest character in any KI game so far and has some unique systems.

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Fireseed3147d ago

This character really epitomizes why KI is so damn awesome. Fun and unique fighters who are fairly easy to pick up but deep enough that tech will constantly be emerging.

LexHazard793147d ago

Lol, I just went thru hell today. Lost 16 in a row to Sadira and then lost 11 in row against Orchid. The game soo sick.... I gotta hit the dojo tho, lol..

Fireseed3147d ago

Just practice that ground game pressure on Sadira, and bait Orchid into unsafe negative moves.


Killer Instinct 10th anniversary update to release later this year

Iron Galaxy is back working on Killer Instinct with a 10th anniversary update coming later this year.

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Reaper22_51d ago

👍 Exciting news for the best fighting game out there.

MetroidFREAK2151d ago

That's pretty cool. When I get my Series S next month, I'll reinstall this for sure

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Killer Instinct: The Most Underrated Fighting Video Game in History

Developed by Rare, Killer Instinct arrived in arcades in 1994. Released a little while before Mortal Kombat 3, the fighting game featured impressive graphics, the ability to execute combo moves, and two life bars instead of the traditional best of three rounds matchups.

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Venoxn4g106d ago

Great game, still play it time to time

Minute Man 72149d ago

What's Rare working on these days???

A new KI would be nice


Arcade1Up Opens Preorders for Killer Instinct PRO Series Arcade Cabinet (with Battletoads)

"Arcade1Up has released numerous 3/4-scale arcade cabinets over the years, but even the coolest cabinets only feature 17-inch monitors. That's what makes the announcement of the Killer Instinct PRO Series Arcade Cabinet so exciting. The Pro cabinet includes a 19-inch screen, SuzoHapp stick and buttons, and improved speakers. It will feature not just both Killer Instinct arcade games, but also the arcade, NES, and Genesis versions of Battletoads!" says Co-Optimus.

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