Final Fantasy XV's Translated Camp Screenshots Gives First Glimpse on Yummy Food We'll Eat in Game

A translated version of the latest Final Fantasy XV camp menu reveals interesting details.

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j0ncap1251345d ago

Food and Resting xp/stat buffs? Yes please!

Adrian_v011345d ago

That car must have some weird gimmicks if they can make fuwataro eggs in the wild.

Nate-Dog1344d ago


The car is secretly Cor. That's why he's nowhere to be seen one minute and the next is standing proudly defending Noct and co.

Adrian_v011344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

I knew they wouldn't drop the transformers concept after XIII :O

Edit: This would make Cidney's role in the game much weirder xD

hkgamer1345d ago

lets not forget the malaysian food you can eat.