Remember that PlayStation Event Initiative? Here's What it Turned Out to Be

Late last month, we reported that an e-mail went out to select PlayStation MVPs inviting them to a secret event in New York City on Friday February 13 to be the first to witness a “new PlayStation initiative." The event has today taken place and the initiative has been revealed.

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gangsta_red3147d ago

Lucky this event was super hyped or it might have been very disappointing to a lot of people here.

And wow, Snoop Dogg will basically appear anywhere if you pay this guy. I seriously saw him on Live with Kelly and Michael Show...

gangsta_red3147d ago

*wasn't super hyped...

is what I meant to say...

Dirtnapstor3147d ago

Cheese fest. I don't know about the others, but Snoop Dogg doesn't really meet the requirements for "hero". I liked him in Starsky and Hutch, that's about it.

Skate-AK3147d ago

He has a CD coming out in 2015. His label probably set the appearance for him so he can drum up interest. People see him on there, wonder what he is doing, Google his name and find out he has a album releasing this year.

AHall883146d ago

I would hope most people would google "Why isn't Snoop Dogg dead yet?"

Dude's a bitch

ValKilmer3147d ago

Sony really trolled us on this one...

MasterCornholio3147d ago

Sony never hyped this event to begin with.


marlinfan103147d ago


People on this site sure did though, including you. You yourself said you thought media molecule would show off a game.

Brotard3147d ago

No not really since it wasn't really a public event, never meant to get hyped, etc... And secondly im never dissappointed when a company takes a charity iniative, and you shouldn't be either. Just imagine if you get to play with the snoop dawg I think thats pretty dope!

MysticStrummer3147d ago

Dope being the operative word.

But yeah, I don't see how this could be seen as a troll. The first thing I thought when I saw the title of this article was, "No I don't remember that. What was it?". Gaming events are advertised as such, and there would have been teasers leading up this one if that was what it was about.

DanielEndurance3147d ago

Omfg. And here I was wishing I was an MVP so I could go...

MasterCornholio3147d ago

Well I hope they can raise a lot of money.

Charity is always good as long as its done right.


SaveFerris3147d ago

I wonder if the game chosen for Snoop Dogg is GTA San Andreas?

Me-Time3147d ago

It would be for Madden. We're not in the '90s anymore.