PS4 Exclusive Driveclub Gets Spectacular Screenshots of the New Koenigsegg One:1;Double Fame Weekend

Today Evolution Studios detailed the upcoming Driveclub DLC coming this month, and they also released a batch of screenshots of the ultra fast DLC car Koenigsegg One:1, also announcing a double fame weekend.

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kratoz12091344d ago

I think Evolve studio has probably done DLC the best way possible.
love finding out what new cars, tracks and features come out each month.

DragoonsScaleLegends1344d ago

Only games that should get dlc are the games that are actually good and don't feel like a waste of $60 to begin with. Also it shouldn't be overpriced like COD and BF4 season passes. I mean those developers charge and act like making levels is the same as making a new game from scratch.

supergravity1344d ago

I'm confused are you saying this game isn't good enough to deserve dlc?

supergravity1344d ago

Yeah me too, the on-going support of this game is fantastic. The job EVO has done post release is to be respected. Sure in a perfect world the game would've shipped with better net code, I just hope these guys get paid like they should. I've enjoyed the free and the paid dlc, hope this keeps coming!

Keeping it fresh

DragoonsScaleLegends1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

Yep only great games should get dlc and average games shouldn't get paid dlc. Also evolve developers are crazy. A few characters and skins really cost more than the game, are you kidding me. But Driveclub dlc is fine and priced really good compared to other games.

supergravity1344d ago

@ drpepperdude

I think the game is great could it be better? Absloutely as with everything. Liveries can be priced any amount I wouldn't pay for em, but yes you're definitely right the track add-on pricing is really good, and to me that's what matters.

Raziology1344d ago

That would be Evolution* Studios.