The Order: 1886 - Why the cinema screen ratio is so important for the experience

At a recently preview event of The Order: 1886, game director Ru Weerasuriya explains why the cinema screen ratio is so important for the game.

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GarrusVakarian1435d ago (Edited 1435d ago )

You mean the 2:40:1 aspect ratio?

Edit: I see the title has been fixed. Thanks.

Bansai1435d ago

Yeah, I'll take my experience 16:9 any day, thank you very much.

MysticStrummer1435d ago

@Bansai - I guess you skip some movies for that same reason, along with other games that did this before now?

thekhurg1435d ago


I've skipped games in the past (won't on this one however). I don't skip movies, but I do enjoy my viewing experience of films presented in 16:9 ratio over those presented in the 2.40:1 format.

NiteX1435d ago (Edited 1435d ago )

Just seems like they couldn't figure out a better way to improve frame rate. I also found that really hard to understand.

"This option would be to have as take out something from the game. We could actually develop the game and so do not use the strips at the top and bottom. [...] What happened then, the sites are losing and you would fill the screen with all 16:19. We always had the feeling that this is not the kind of which we want everyone to know people like this, and even though we have discussed this option, we always had the feeling that it would not be right for the game. "

nX1435d ago (Edited 1435d ago )

lol you can't seriously think that this was a framerate decision? They could easily scale down the graphics to reach their target framerate but that wasn't even necessary as just recently it was said that the game doesn't even use 100% of the PS4's capacity. It's a cinematic game and black bars increase the cinematic effect - simple as that.

Shuckylad1435d ago

I play a few games on my pc with a custom res of 1920x816 for the extra wide fov on my 16:9 monitor and while you get those black borders top and bottom after a while you don't notice them as the game takes over. Just like when your watching a movie I guess.

Neonridr1435d ago

I think the Evil Within had the same sort of aspect ratio for a more "cinematic effect". I don't even notice them half the time, if the story is engaging and the game is good.

MysticStrummer1435d ago

You're right, but does anyone remember such an outcry when Dragon's Dogma did the same thing last generation? I sure don't, and not about Evil Within either.

kayoss1435d ago

Exactly! Never have i ever watched a movie say, "Damn it, those black bars are annoying!"
I think once people are engaged, those black bars will be a non issue.

Clunkyd1435d ago

I can tell you whats really annoying, Playing on those dual monitors with that ugly bezel in the middle.

starchild1435d ago (Edited 1435d ago )

Well, I would prefer full screen to be honest, just like I did for the Evil Within, but that doesn't mean it's going to stop me from enjoying a great game.

mezati991435d ago

Just Finished the game lol, took me 10 hours to beat it, i played it on hard, cried like a little bitch at the end, my rate for the game : 9/10.

i can tell it's going to be the next big sony franchise. i really hope it sells well

ArchangelMike1435d ago (Edited 1435d ago )

Man you guys are so lucky! Thank's for not giving away any spoilers btw. Glad to hear that it's at least a good 10 hrs experience. What about the replay value, you going to play it through again to pick up trophies etc?

mezati991435d ago

if i had the time most definitely.

AndrewLB1435d ago

That's strange. Because when I checked PSN, only 11 people had beat the game about 8 hours ago, and upon checking it again... still only 11 people have beat it.

Seems like people are BS'ing.

DigitalRaptor1435d ago (Edited 1435d ago )

For someone who is doing their damnedest to troll on every. single. PS4. exclusive, you certainly do your research to assist the cause. Props, although maybe he hasn't synced his trophies to the server, what with this being a single player game, and everyone emphasising the lack of multiplayer.

If you invest your time into following this game so deeply, why don't you message mezati99 and ask him what his PSN ID is?

starchild1435d ago

That's great to hear. It's just going to make the next week of waiting that much harder.

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