Steam to Launch Valentine’s Day Co-op Sale

Starting tomorrow, Steam will be running a Valentine’s Day Co-op Game Sale, featuring tons of great titles marked down for the duration of the weekend.

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poseiden213213d ago

This is where I'd put my boyfriend....


Kane223212d ago

this is pretty cool for them to do that. i bought some games on ps4 cause sony has this going on right now.

JamesBondage3212d ago

those don't seem like sale prices..


SteamVR Coming to Meta Quest 2, 3, and Pro

Steam is happy to announce some fun virtual reality news just in time for next week's Steam VR Fest: Steam Link is now available on the Meta Quest 2, 3, and Pro!

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OtterX1d 7h ago

Virtual Desktop app was already pretty good (not Oculus Link) for streaming Steam, but maybe Steam Link will be even better. Anything is better than Oculus Link though. I was surprised by how much more steady my wireless streaming was through Virtual Desktop over Oculus Link. It's a mess.

bOObies1d 6h ago


I was gonna buy the OLink cable to connect to my laptop so I can watch and stream videos and Discord to my Quest 3.

You think wireless streaming to the headset is better than the Link cable?

In what ways?

OtterX1d 6h ago

Sorry, I meant Oculus Airlink. Direct link fairs better, but I like playing on the sofa wirelessly.

Tacoboto1d 5h ago

Digital Foundry's weekly show, I think two episodes ago they had a segment on the Meta Quest and playing on PC. John suggested that wireless Virtual Desktop had superior quality to the wired connection.

OtterX1d 4h ago (Edited 1d 4h ago )

@Tacoboto that is interesting to know! I had suspected it, but I didn't want to say it with certainty. But yea, it had seemed like my Virtual Desktop streaming sessions had been even more reliable. I don't hardly direct link it anymore. Love Virtual Desktop.

azedean1d 6h ago

True, I played HL ALYX fully wireless with virtual desktop and it was very good. Now it is going to be awesome and I hope they finally have a good solution to use the psvr2 on pc.

specialguest1d ago

Oculus Link is pretty good if you use the D-Link VR Air Bridge. This is a product specifically created for the Quest that was released a year ago. It allows you to make a direct Wi-Fi 6 connection between your Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3 or Meta Quest Pro headset and your PC

mrcatastropheAF23h ago

Oculus airlink is garbage compared to Steamlink -- big W for valve


Bethesda responding to negative Starfield reviews on Steam

Bethesda's customer support team has been responding to negative Starfield reviews on Steam.

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__y2jb3d ago

That's pretty pathetic but also kind of the standard expected from XBox these days.

Why struggle to create compelling content when you can just tell users they are wrong?

notachance3d ago

currently people flocked to the comment section of those reviews to mock the AI template response lol

probably used their "advanced" engine to procedurally generate those comment 🤣

OtterX3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Someone should do a YouTube video of Starfield NPCs reading these "developer" responses, with their bland awkward faces. 😂

OtterX3d ago

Most small indies don't even grovel this much for approval. It sounds kind of unprofessional really, "oh you didn't play it right", like a teenage employee at Gamestop. Usually developer responses on Steam thank the person for their feedback, tell them that they'll consider this feedback towards future improvements to the game. This just comes across as, "our product is fine as it is, you're just not playing it right". Man, I'm starting to read these in a snarkyTodd Howard voice. 😩

anast3d ago

"Man, I'm starting to read these in a snarkyTodd Howard voice. 😩"

This means it's time to get out of this relationship.

MrBaskerville3d ago

Maybe they saw how much goodwill New Blood got from being snarky in Steam reviews. Just reads different when you aren't funny and you are writing on behalf of a trillion dollar company.

Michiel19893d ago

ofc it's unprofessional because they get trained in customer support, not in game design. I worked in customer support for a bit over a year and often you just get presented with questions or problems that you don't have much to do with or knowledge about, but still have to answer. It doesn't take away that the person gave probably the most awful response they could have, but its also not such a drama that this twitter Karen makes it out to be. It's funny though.

UpvotedOpinions3d ago

What about Sony tlou2 "review bombing" and having meta put down legit user reviews and Neil druckmann defending The game on social media and how others are wrong and dont get The masterfully crafted story. He probably still does IT lol

OtterX3d ago

Steam are 100% verified purchases. There's your difference.

I don't agree with review bombing either, but these are 1st hand experiences. Of course peoples' opinions, who only have 1-2 hour logged, should be taken with a grain of salt.

Redemption-643d ago

Stop making a fool of yourself. The only time Neil came out and said anything was when some of the devs where being harassed and he was getting death threats, even anti-semitic messages. Unless you are one of those people that think threatening devs, voice actress and her daughter, sending racist anti-semitic messages are criticism?

-Foxtrot3d ago (Edited 3d ago )


You're also making a fool out of yourself trying to make him out to be a saint.

The MAJORITY of his tweets from the minute TLOU2s plot was leaked was him throwing fuel onto the fire and deliberately stirring the pot, he loved people calling him as he got to bundle actual trolls and fans with legit criticism together so it become "Well if don't like it then you're homophobic, transphobic, racist or a typical troll".


Like...there's no need. This is a fragment of the shit he was saying during the time and the whole metacritic fiasco was basically removing any actual legit criticism to fluff up the user score. Yet despite that and removing thousands upon thousands of reviews it's still only 5.8.

Redemption-643d ago (Edited 3d ago )


Look fox we all get how the last of us hurt you and your thin-skinned ilk. The harassing, death threats, lies and racist began almost immediately after the leaks. The very 1st response from Neil that I recall was to send a standard statement about how sad the team feels about the leaks and for players to actually play the game and judge for themselves. Death threats, harassing, racism followed immediately from snowflakes

I don't need to defend him or the game, I was here and on Twitter when the racist messages, death threats began before he even said anything, but I guess you will pretend otherwise. He also never went as low as you and your ilk, plus he was within his right to make fun of such snowflakes that are so hurt over a video they wished him to literally die. You have made a complete fool of yourself so many times and everyone here know how easily triggered you get. Just take a seat, I have little time to out you in your place.

Also, stop embarrassing yourself, it was entertaining watching miserable people like you get this worked over a video game, but now it's getting sad. You using user reviews shows your desperation. No one with a functioning brain well would. Especially giving the game was review bomb. Within 3-5 hours of the game being released there were 10s of thousands of negative reviews from people who didn't even play the game. Am sure that's what you view as legit.

How about we use sites such as Amazon that requires verified users to review the game? That would not fit the narrative you want to push. The only place you would large negative rating are from placing that don't require you to prove you own the game, care to guess why?

DeusFever3d ago

“What about Sony tlou2 ‘review bombing’”

Whataboutism is the epitome of a weak argument but even so, incels complaining about women in games isn’t the same as customers who are disappointed by gameplay and graphics.

Killer2020UK3d ago

@foxtrot when you pick an incredibly ill chosen hill to die on, do everyone a favour and don't draw it out for three years

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Ra30303d ago

Naw....this is just Microsoft out trying to collect that Xbox tax! A Trillion Dollar Corporation out there working them streets bullying, intimidating gamers, maybe paying that actual tax of other former friendlies but naw not pathetic its Microsoft being Microsoft doing what Microsoft do there's no level they won't stoop to.