PS2 Games That Need To Be On PS Now

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Final Fantasy XIV 'A Decade's Journey' Event Had Some of the Coolest FFXIV Merchandise

Square Enix and the Japanese department store Isetan are hosting a really cool Final Fantasy XIV event in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

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Modern Warfare 3 Beta File Size for PS5 Revealed, Possible Renaming of MW2 Client

The Modern Warfare 3 beta file size for the PS5 version has surfaced, and a new game update for MW2 seems to rename the client.

Games1st57m ago

Modern Warfare III – Beta Pack 01
Download Size (PS5) : 24.813 GB

Modern Warfare III – Beta Pack 02
Download Size (PS5) : 1 MB (license checker)


How Realistic Is Too Realistic for Video Games?

Video Games have become much more realistic at depicting violence. Are we reaching a breaking point between realism and violence?

Knightofelemia1h ago

The more realistic the better in my books.

isarai39m ago

How realistic is too realistic for films/shows?


I think rape crosses the line for realism in a video game. If there is a rape scene in a game it shouldn’t be graphic. I’m all for dismemberment and gore but rape doesn’t sit well with me.

DarXyde8m ago

It wouldn't sit well with me either, but if everyone carved up depictions of violence according to their own sensibilities, there would be no violence in games at all.

Certainly, the suggestion to not be too graphic with rape is probably something everyone can agree on. Even Game of Thrones kept it relatively kosher. In reality, I suppose a depiction only needs to go as far as effectively communicating how evil/violent characters are. The article take about MK1, but I think that's always been what draws or repulses an audience to Mortal Kombat. The use of extreme violence in a game like The Last of Us actually works very well for narrative purposes. It really helped to immerse me into Part II where I despised Abby (until the end, I suppose) and really understood how batshit insane the Seraphites/Scars are. In the absence of that extreme depiction as a narrative tool, you get the sense that the world is sanitized and "inauthentic".

For me, it is exactly that extreme violence that gets me into the mindset that we're dealing with some truly reprehensible characters and you get to understand the extent of their evil.

Imagine Jigsaw as a character without the horrible deaths: you'd just think he's setting people up for failure. With that violence, there's much more precision in capturing the type of person he is.

Just my thinking.


Unrecord using UE5 is the most realistic I seen yet. Almost mistaken it for real life footage 😁 https://www.youtube.com/wat...