Meet Darkest Dungeon: 2015’s First Game of the Year Contender | Hardcore Gamer

Darkest Dungeon isn’t just 2015’s most pleasant (or unpleasant) surprise, it’s rapidly cementing itself as one of the front runners for a number of end of the year awards.

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ArchangelMike1341d ago

Sounds cool and all, but GOTY2015 will probably got to a AAA title like The Withcer 3, Batman:Arkham Knight, Uncharted 4 or maybe even The Order 1886... what else comes out this year that might be a contender... oh yeah FFXV??? Hey, you never know!

nodim1341d ago

Order? Seriously? I'd pick Darkest Dungeon anytime anyday xD

ValKilmer1341d ago

You guys have low standards.

MysticStrummer1341d ago

Why? The Walking Dead and Journey changed the rules, along with other top quality downloadable games throughout last generation. Your thinking is simply outdated. Games are games, whether they have a huge budget and a major publisher or they are small budget indies.

ArchangelMike1341d ago

I have to agree. Indie games like Child of Light and Journey etc (among many others), are all really good GOTY contenders. The thing is, no matter how good they are they never win. It always seems to go to big name AAA titles for some reason.

MysticStrummer1340d ago

"The thing is, no matter how good they are they never win."

Depends on where you're looking I suppose, but both the games I mentioned did win GotY awards from more than one magazine and/or site.

PygmelionHunter1341d ago

Sounds really cool. Will keep an eye out for it if it ever hits consoles.