Q&A with Kazuo Hirai

Sony Corp.'s PlayStation 3 is in high demand and short supply, prompting some gamers to camp out in front of stores for the chance to pay up to $600 for one of the sleek consoles.

In a recent interview, Kazuo Hirai, the head of Sony Computer Entertainment America, emphasized that while the company is trying to satisfy demand as quickly as possible, it's in it for the long haul -- and sticking to strategies that have allowed it to dominate the video game market for a decade.

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NubreedLive4336d ago

that was a brief interview, we all already know all these answers...

MicroGamer4336d ago (Edited 4336d ago )

I will NOT be waiting behind a line of PS3 fanboys to get into Best Buy when it isn't even a launch day. Anyone tries shuffling me to the back of the line better have their health insurance paid up.

MicroGamer4336d ago

they would expect people to get in line, but on any other day, they have no right to be camping out for the next shipment to come and then expect people who aren't there to get a PS3 to wait in line behind them to get in. It's ridiculous.

S A G A T4335d ago (Edited 4335d ago )

I was doubt anyone would get in the way now, since I can't find one. I just want a 20gig.

cnd89024335d ago

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power of Green 4335d ago

Sony needs Ken K. who else can make people crazzy over a game system over half a grand; he may have said some crazzy sh*t but he loves PS and if it wasn't for his sh*t talking far less people would want the PS3.

MicroGamer4335d ago (Edited 4335d ago )

He may have been good for the Playstation franchise in the past, but he was completely bungling the PSP and PS3. He was promoted to take him away from the day to day dealings concerning the PS3. Promotions of that nature are commonplace in Japan, where you have respect for someone for their past glories, but you know they are no longer capable of performing their present duties, so you "promote" them to a position where they can't do any further harm. Trust me, Ken K knows he is being swept aside and isn't happy about it.

Maddens Raiders4335d ago (Edited 4335d ago )

I still see some of these idiots still waiting outside the door at BBuy at 6:00 in the morning. I've already got my systems, but if I wanted to walk in the door at 8 or 9 ya better believe I'm coming through! Any clown who told me I "have to wait" would have a long day.

And p.o.g. in some strange way, I see where you're coming from and you may actually have something there. KK was like the crazy loud uncle who always joked, lied, and got loud, but was kinda the life of the party - and ya never wanted to see him leave. Well now he's chairman! lol
We are living in interesting times.

MicroGamer4335d ago (Edited 4335d ago )

Is that Sonny Chiba as your avatar?? He is one of my favorite samurai movie actors.

Maddens Raiders4335d ago (Edited 4335d ago )

..Bruce Lee the Dragon. No doubt Sonny Chiba's been around forever and is a m.a. films legend.
It's more of a nostolgic thing I suppose --
a combination of my love for martial arts, m.a. films, also my favorite MK character Liu Kang "the Master" lol. It just goes to show how hard it is to find a film star who'll fling the nanchuckas so flawlessly without fail while working in a power-roundhouse and a jaw-breaking backhand. Man, I miss those days.

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