Top 10 changes to push Destiny to greatness

Gaming Trend's top 10 list of the key issues that plague Destiny along with some insight on how Bungie can improve the game and keep it relevant.

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Run_bare1344d ago

A bit too late for me, I'm already bored, I try to go back and realise how boring it was.

theFAYEsorceress1344d ago

if bungie had kept the game open-ended to updates like warframe, it would have been so great. the lack of matchmaking in certain co-op modes was a very poor choice on their behalf too. the loot system isn't very good either... there's very little to look forward to when finding engrams. in borderlands, you had more variety and a better chance of at least finding a small upgrade, but in destiny, you pretty much know you're not gonna be getting anything better in a very long time.

pompombrum1344d ago

Destiny lost it's chance for greatness tbh. It's a shame because it easily has the best gameplay I've seen in a shooter since the CS/Quake days. It's just let down by unacceptably poor storytelling, mediocre missions, lack of content and repetition.

If Bungie/Activision had taken another year in development to add an extra layer of polish/refinement, included all the content found in the two DLC packs, focused on making the existing missions more engaging, fleshed out the story and incorporated an ingame interface for the cards, they'd have one of the best FPS games ever made.

WizzroSupreme1344d ago

They need to fix the story – or rather, add in one.

ReNe9aaDe1344d ago

you banged the nail on its head, maybe not in that order.
for me the RNG is just a joke. Pisses me off most in the crucible. The amount of times that i was first place and saw some one else enjoy an exotic. It's BS.

that would be a game changer. the only thing i'd add is like playlist map voting in crucible and the banner. Also a higher level playlist if the cap is 32 the playlist should be at least 30.

otherwise a fun if repetitive experience that is only accentuated through it's social integration.

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