Andrea Pessino is fed up with "clickbait" questions about The Order: 1886

The Order: 1886 has been subject to what appears to be a hate campaign of sorts with various people talking about downgrades, extremely short game lengths and more.

Andrea Pessino from Ready at Dawn has had enough.

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gangsta_red1370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

Very touchy...

And the first question asked underneath is hilarious..Margot Robbie all the way!

That was you? Hilarious...definitely broke the tension.

Septic1370d ago

Haha that was me. I'm torn between the two but I'd wife Kunis. She seems more down to earth.

FunAndGun1369d ago

Ha, like she would give you the time of day.

Septic1369d ago

Shatter my dreams why don't you.

WilDRangeRfc1369d ago

People just love to down bubble you for no reason lol

GarrusVakarian1370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

I think you would be too if you were swamped with tweets claiming things that you know aren't true, but have no way of proving. And even if you did prove them, you'd just receive another batch of lies from people who won't even be playing the game.

It must be pretty crappy being a dev sometimes. We gamers can be an annoying bunch.

And yeah, Margot Robbie ftw.

OB1Biker1370d ago

Yep and this has been going on for more than a year idiots telling them they should make a movie instead and all sort of crap we cant say here.
'Gamers' can criticize a game but much respect is due to the devs and that's generaly speaking

gangsta_red1370d ago

I know I would be too, no doubt about it. But I think speaking on it only invites more trolls and antagonizes. Better to not even acknowledge them.

And yes Margot Robbie...head she's going to be in Suicide Squad as Harly Quinn, if true that is filled with win!

Saigon1369d ago


yeah but I understand his pain; this game has been taking heat since it was shown back in 2013 E3. This experience has to stressful on [email protected] and I am sure it wasn't expected.

Based on the current reports, if this game pans out like it should, there is going to be a lot of crow eaten. I assume most people aren't liking that so they will find the littlest things to nit pick.

LetoAtreides821369d ago

Yea it's harder now than before Twitter and Facebook were around, but it's also easier to promote a game thanks to them.

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showtimefolks1369d ago

This game will surprise many in a positive way. The story is 10 to 12 hours Normal. There is a great setting, should be awesome story and some areas are linear while others provide multiple paths

So please let's wait before we judge the final game. Dying light is the perfect example of how a game is getting hate right before release but than does really well

I expect the order 1886 to get really positive reviews and be successful sales Wise. Also wouldn't surprise me of Sony buys ready at dawn right after the order 1886 release

Relientk771370d ago

I'm more fed up with the clickbait articles on gaming sites. It's ridiclous, no other 2015 game coming out is getting as much hate as The Order: 1886

It's just sad at this point

SoapShoes1370d ago

Well maybe from certain media outlets and trolls but people who have played the game are into it.

Septic1370d ago

Wait till you see the final version of The Division. I can't say too much but expect a Watchdogs style furore about it.

strauser3601369d ago

Eventually people will be tired of being raped by ubisoft. Watchdogs actually did it for me personally, not to say those pre recorded gameplay segments of rainbow 6 and the division dont look cool, but mind the term pre.

showtimefolks1369d ago (Edited 1369d ago )

Why are you fed up? this is nothing new, Sony exclusives are held to a different standard while others can do the same old same old and get high 9's

People cry about wanting new IP's but when we finally get one than before it release we bash it. That is why publishers only want to do sequels and indies will be taking risks

People rather buy broken AC:Unity or same old COD but won't support a awesome new IP as sunset overdrive. Than it really makes me mad when these same morons want new IP's. It's cool to be with the crowd and talk but new IP's yet still buying same yearly sequels every year because your friends buy them too

Hypocritics nothing less nothing more

Also American gaming journalists will pi know on Sony more than MS.

For love of gaming MS survived on 3 IP' last gen

Halo gears and forza yet sony had to deliver excellent eclipses on monthly bases

Vegamyster1369d ago

"Why are you fed up? this is nothing new, Sony exclusives are held to a different standard while others can do the same old same old and get high 9's"

All of Sony's, MS & Nintendo's core series (Uncharted/GoW, Halo/Gears, Mario/Zelda ect) almost always score high while newer franchises or lesser known ones typically aren't, TLOU (95 on Meta) is one of those exceptions. Like you said "People cry about wanting new IP's but when we finally get one than before it release we bash it." It's like not like Ryse, Dead Rising 3 (no longer exclusive i know), Sunset Overdrive, The Wonderful 101, Nintendo Land or Steel Diver got stellar reviews in the 90's despite being different than the average game, they all had their issues which held them back.

All of them are guilty of putting out "the same old same old and get high 9's"

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GarrusVakarian1370d ago

He shouldn't let those guys get to him, because those guys won't be playing or buying his game. Their sole purpose is to troll and downplay out of pure jealousy. They don't care if the game was actually downgraded or not, they don't care how long it takes to complete it, they only want to drag it into the mud. And seeing as the first impressions from the people who have been playing the game for the past few days have been unanimously positive, their trolling and downplaying has increased tenfold.

In other words - haters gon' hate.


Agreed... Don't let this get to you Andrea, you know you did something great if people have to hate for no reason... Keep your head up and keep up the awesome job RaD team... Hella anxious for 12:00am Friday... I got my werewolf costume ready to midnight release.... So if you anyone is in Houston and sees a werewolf driving to gamestop have no fear I've had my rabies shot...😁

NegativeCreep4271369d ago (Edited 1369d ago )

@Lukas your comment is essentially what I had tweeted to Andrea Pessino personally.

I have learned to not rely solely on video game "journalist" reviews to guide my opinion on whether a game is worth my money - let alone my time - the hard way; Final Fantasy XII is a great game. But unfortunately, I didn't purchase Final Fantasy 12 until around 2005 when it was cheap at Gamestop, and that was because of all the criticism that game received from popular gaming websites.

But after I played FF12, I realized for myself that practically every con that I had heard of against that game where totally unfounded or at least exaggerated. I never intend on making that same mistake again, and like I stated to Andrea Pessino, a brand new IP like The Order isn't like a long, well-established IP like Final IPs deserve the benefit of the doubt. In my opinion, that is what makes all this hate towards The Order so damn unreasonable and on the brink of fascism.

rainslacker1369d ago

I think it's fine to address a ongoing "issue" that people in forums are talking about, but beyond that, leave it be. There's no reason to repeat oneself constantly on the same topic...the forum goers, or other tweeters will do that for him.

Beyond that, I find it unproductive to bother, as the people that will be playing about it aren't typically worried about that stuff.

Staying positive goes a long way, and overall, I'd say the people over at RAD have been very optimistic about the quality of their game. I'm hoping for the best, and I've been impressed with everything I've seen lately.

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