5 Types Of Gamers That Are Fun Killers

There are certain gamers to avoid playing with, and to avoid becoming yourself. Read this and see if you need to change how (or who with)you game.

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DarkOcelet1341d ago

That was a nice article. Glad i don't play online much. Even though its fun trolls can be very annoying which is funny you didn't put those here. I remember when i was playing RE5 online in mercenaries, a troll i used to play with kept playing with me and we were like 130 combos in and then he quit the game. He did that multiple times and i wanted to punch in him in the damn face. I will definitely do that if i ever saw him.

1341d ago
thorstein1341d ago

The trick is to find the right people to game with. I learned that early on with Team Fortress 2 retail. I ended up being grouped on a server that had a spot for one more player.

We played for hours having a blast and just getting along. I still play with them today.

I also found another group to join for other games and I game with them on console.

It makes gaming so much easier and enjoyable.

That doesn't mean that I won't jump in randomly and play some BF or COD just for kicks. And, now that the PS4 allows me to stream and upload to Youtube, I can record my griefing of racists, which is fun, fun, fun! Nothing better than making them rage quit. Lulz.

Captain_Wormy1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

There's only one thing that REALLY grinds my gears. Whenever I'm playing Exo Survival in Advanced Warfare I always go out of my way to revive my teamates as soon as possible even if we have to fail the objective but whenever I go down the bloody bastards don't even bother to revive me and we end up all dying and losing. 😡