The Order: 1886 - Number of Chapters Revealed

A few days it was rumored that The Order: 1886 will have 24 chapters, however it seems that the game will have 16 chapters according to the video below.


Update: Added a GIF just in case the video is taken down.

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Kamikaze001341d ago

I really didn't want to see this spoiler headline in the feed, thanks for that.

Eidolon1341d ago

You're kidding, right?

DarkOcelet1341d ago

Lol WTF. How is he telling you the amount of chapters is a spoiler. Does it really matter?

pedrof931341d ago

Well yes, reaching chapter 23 you will know that the end of the game is near. Therefore there will be a conclusion to it.

gameseveryday1341d ago

I am not sure how that is a spoiler but I have requested a title change to a mod.

GarrusVakarian1341d ago

I'm super sensitive to spoilers...and I wouldn't consider that a spoiler. Like, at all...

S2Killinit1341d ago

the other article title was a spoiler, won't mention what it said as to avoid further damage, this one though, not really a spoiler.

DigitalRaptor1341d ago

To a lot of people, knowing at what point the game is going to end is a spoiler. Like imagine you're on chapter ? and you know it's going to end in one chapter. I'd rather find out by myself.

DOMination-1341d ago

I guess if you know how many chapters there are you'll know how far away from the ending you are. Doesn't bother me but can see how it could be

goldwyncq1341d ago

That's one advantage video games have over books in telling stories - you have no idea how close you are to the end. Knowing the number of chapters beforehand can ruin the surprise at times.

rainslacker1341d ago

I noticed in the Tomb Raider reboot, there were a few times when I thought I was near the end, but it kept going on. After the third time I thought maybe they were over doing it. It's rare when I want a game to end, but at least the game was fun enough to get through it.

Apex131341d ago

The headline is pretty self explanatory so if you clicked on it and read it surely it's your own fault. Next, revealing the title of a game will be considered a spoiler or saying what the game is about 😂😂😂 people are way too sensitive.

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Software_Lover1341d ago

Looking like a good game. Maybe this will be the first game I try on my projector.

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Relientk771341d ago

Sounds like a good amount of levels to me

GarrusVakarian1341d ago

I read that once you've completed the game you can select chapters, and individually checkpoints within those chapters.

WelkinCole1341d ago

So just like Uncharted. Cool. I don't know why but this game is giving me the same vibe as Uncharted in that it will be a great first game and then the follow up will be something else.

ExPresident1341d ago


What do you mean? Uncharted 1 was a great game, and Uncharted 2 blew everything out of the water - was absolutely amazing.

So if thats what you are worried about then that would be a good thing.

WelkinCole1341d ago


I am optimistic that it will be like Uncharted for this gen in terms of quality franchise.

I don't know why but I feel it it will be.

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The story is too old to be commented.