Shadowrun: Hong Kong nears $1 million on Kickstarter

Pixel Dynamo reports on the wild success of Harebrained Schemes' latest Kickstarter campaign, which is set to end in only a few days.

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Jimboms1435d ago

Jesus Christ! That's a huge amount of money, good for them, I can't wait for this game either, should be amazing.

slate911435d ago

I just wish for another fps shadowrun :(. I know it wont ever happen though. That game is such a classic lol

pompombrum1435d ago

For a second my heart skipped a beat thinking this was the successor to the 360/PC game released a while back. Still looks interesting but damn do I miss the other Shadowrun game, so ahead of it's time.

3-4-51435d ago

I LOVED that Shadowrun game.

There was and still is nothing quite like that gameplay.

The map design, characters, classes, guns, gadgets and everything about it was so much fun.

I'd love to see a sequel to that.

* If they got this much money for this new one, I wonder if they will make an additional side campaign as well.

Ripco_Keller1435d ago

HBS has delivered high quality Shadowrun time and again, I'm personally looking forward to the improvements coming along with this next installment.

Spore_7771435d ago

All the best! Give us a gem! Seriously though, lunch money was sacrificed.