Grow Home Review – Ubisoft’s Own ‘Wall-E and the Beanstalk' | COG

COG writes - Grow Home is a quirky game that was meant to be played in-house by the Ubisoft staff. It was so good they had to release it to the public. After a few hours, we see why Grow Home had to be released to the masses.

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WizzroSupreme1343d ago

That's a pretty fantastic description of the game. Love it so far.

GreetingsfromCanada1343d ago

No guys, its shit. Remember real gamers don't buy activision,ubisoft,ea or 2k games anymore. Only naught dog isnt a liar (even though they downgraded Uncharted 3) and cd projekt red (unproven) are trustworthy.

Snookies121343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

What are you trying to convey with this message...? Even the huge greedy corporations can release really fantastic games at times. Why do you think they got so huge in the first place? They made some good games.

And then you start bringing in Naughty Dog and CD Projekt Red? What do they have to do with this game, or even the corporations you mentioned?