Bandai Namco registers the trademark, Soldiers' Souls

IGN: Bandai Namco, by contacting the office of competence, has filed the paperwork for the registration of the trademark Soldiers' Souls, intellectual property shrouded in mystery.

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DarkOcelet1345d ago

Hopefully its a current gen Souls game.

ps4gamer19831345d ago

I dunno man. Kodokawa purchased FromSoftware. Namco can only do a re-ishue of older souls games like they are doing for Dark Souls 2 sin of scholar game.

If anything, it could be a Soul Calibur game since it's a Namco game.

eyeDEVOUR1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

id love a souls game on my vita, even if it was a

Hanso1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

Then i have good news for you my friend :D
Salt & Sanctuary is coming to Vita this year and it is a 2d sidescroller like you said!!

theshredded1344d ago

I think it's a standalone DLC for Dark Souls 2

Kinger89381344d ago

i know remasters can get annoying but a demon souls one would be awesome! some of those environments touched up and brought up to date would look great! still playable now though for sure!

MooseyXTC1344d ago

4 Souls games [bloodborne included] in the past 7 years, and now this.
They need to slow down.
Bloodborne just looks like DaS2 with a victorian paintjob, not worth my $60 until they really sell me on it.
Why can't they make a new Otogi or Armored Core or something, and give these games a break?

Tapani1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

I say, let them make them games. I say, these teams should strike while the iron is hot. There might be a time when we look back and reminisce nostalgically "Remember when they made like five of those Souls' games in few years? And they were all epic! Those were the days..."

Sometimes booms are a good thing. So far, they haven't failed, and giving their classic Japanese work ethic, I don't think they will.Even King's Field games just got better and better.

We need to remember, these guys are some of the best old-school RPG game creators alive, just like the Shin Megami Tensei, Xeno-games, Dragon Quest and Nomura's and Tabata's FF single player core teams.

I will buy all of their games, until they make two or three bad ones in a row. Only then I will consider more carefully. From the looks of it, so far they have four home runs.

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