The Inner Circle : Interview with Xbox One DX12 team coming soon.

According to a tweet by The Inner Circle, The Xbox One DX12 team will be coming on the show before and after GDC to talk about cool NEW stuff for Developers.

"The Inner Circle
UPDATE: Xbox One DX12 team wants to come on TiC before GDC & after GDC to talk cool NEW stuff for Dev's!"

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gangsta_red3218d ago

Sounds like a lot of these guys are bursting at the seems wanting to talk about what DX12 can do for devs for the X1 and PC.

I hope they show us with examples...i.e. games ;)

GenuineGamer3217d ago

Me too Foe. Pretty sad you get downvotes simply for looking forward to something. Some people need to grow up already.

Bodge3217d ago

Forza 5 on Windows 10 would be a good start. :)

GenuineGamer3217d ago

I doubt that would happen. If anything it would be Forza 6 but even then i think Forza will stay console exclusive.

TheCommentator3217d ago

I can't wait until the bombs finally drop regarding the true gains we'll see from full dx12, true multicore processing and dual lane gpu implementation. Bet it will be more than 30%.

Ryan7413217d ago

I find it interesting that Xbox is giving interviews like this to inner circle etc, are they freezing out IGN? Would not be such a bad thing in my opinion, I and many others have completely lost faith in them.

Rav3nNZ3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

Yeah most media sites are corrupt/biased AF these days it seems and its really unprofessional. Giving praise left right and center to ps4 and unfairly crapping on xbox one.

This is a big reason ps4 has been selling so well. Lord knows its not the games that have been selling the system.

If XB1 turns out to be the more powerful system and it was simply needing dx12 to run its dual lane gpu and memory setup correctly then im gonna laugh. Fanboys that simply gotta have the best system are gonna have to make a decision and eat their words.

GMR_PR3217d ago

"If XB1 turns out to be the more powerful system and it was simply needing dx12"

I highly doubt DX12 will make XBO more powerful than the PS4, remember Dx12 or not PS4 will always have better hardware.

LonDonE3217d ago

Agreed all the big sites r controlled using add revenue, but ask urself who has the biigest budget? And you will find its ms who spends the most.

I find it strange how the big sites r not talking about the possible x1 gains from dx12.

I love my x1, while owning all 3 current gen and last gen console i still find i use my x1 the most.
I would love for all thed dx12 stuff to be true but i doubt it. It makes allot of sense, the huge x1 case, huge fan and heatsink, the much better cooling compared to ps4, the fact ms has tons of cash and so making such a weak console just dont make sense, the blatantly obvious early release of the console due to ps4 being ready sooner then expected, the shoddy sdk leading to gimped multi plats, the jank system o.s?

All these thingsa nd more point to possibly sumink else going on, it just dont make sense!
I am looking forward to windows 10 and dx12 making the x1 a lean efficient monster of a console just like my ps4 allready is!

Rav3nNZ3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

@GMR_PR: Can you explain to me how ps4 has the better hardware???

Last i checked xbox one has the better hardware but simply isn't being utilized due to placeholder api's.

Xbox one has the faster CPU
Xbox one has the faster and more efficient Memory setup
Xbox one has a dual gfx lane dx12 capable gpu which ps4 does not.

Alot of people are going to be surprised how powerful xb1 actually is once dx12 hits and actually uses the hardware in the correct way it was designed for.

MS didn't spend $3 billion creating a custom GPU for it to be weaker than an off the shelf gpu that the same company offered that the ps4 is using.

Andofaus3217d ago

Exactly, there is absolutely zero reason why the PS4 should be out selling the X1 at this point. Other than the fact that online gaming media with hidden agendas are pushing the PS4 like there's no tomorrow. So it should come as no surprise that Phil Spencer and co are giving their exclusive interviews to outlets like TIC.

I will definitely be checking out this interview, should be very interesting. I'm hoping this will be the start of the end of the misconception that the PS4 is the most powerful console.

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Yetter3217d ago

Its more authentic with these guys

Hibsboy853217d ago

I cant wait for this.and hopfully prove to sony fan cunts that its not about who has the most power but rather how to use it better and i think dx12 will do just that

Andofaus3217d ago

Yeah your right Hibs about DX12 making better use of hardware resources. But if you ask me and I think many would agree the X1 has the much better hardware also.

Scottyxboxoneandps43217d ago

I would like it to be true I really would but I fear the 3 billion they spent on the gpu side of things were to implement the three os's and switching between things and such,as that's what they were pushing to begin with with all the tv stuff and what not. I would love to be proven wrong though. I love both systems but the X1 is what gets the most use as that's where my friends are from last gen but it's good to have best of both worlds.

Yetter3217d ago

no, no, no. The three OSs is strictly software. The PS4 could do it as well if they had the same software wizards MS has in house. The XB1 was built for DX12 but had to release a year early to keep the Sony from getting a massive lead and therefore majority of devs used DX11 vanilla (DX11 without the desktop overhead). Software makes the hardware sing, and the XB1 is 100% designed for DX12.

halfblackcanadian3217d ago

Yeah, that's a good concern (reasoning for it). Some of the hardware must be there to enable apps and games to run simultaneously without one affecting the other.
That said, 3b is a lot of money for that one thing. I feel like speculation that PS4 launch reveal forced MS's hand to release early could be correct, though it's not like the extra year would have helped DX12 anyway...

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DirectX 12 Agility SDK Announced and Released Today by Microsoft

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Orchard960d ago

Pretty cool. Should help devs adopt more modern rendering techniques on both PC & Xbox rather than have to target old versions to cover the majority of their users.