PlayStation Community Q&A With David Jaffe

The PlayStation Community have completed a Q&A with game designer David Jaffe.

Each of the questions was provided by gamers from the PlayStation community for David Jaffe to answer.

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telekineticmantis3152d ago

I love the mix of Genre this game has, it's great aspects of different arcadey games instead of just iterating on the one Genre, can't wait to see more.

TM3333152d ago

Jaffe is killer LOL! I really respect this guy. He does what he wants and doesn't give a damn about the haterz. Well, maybe he'll curse them a little, but he doesn't let that affect his vision of the games he creates.


God of War 2005 Was Originally Conceived For a First-Person Viewpoint According to Creator

Game director David Jaffe reveals that the original God of War 2005 was considered for a first-person viewpoint.

darthv72727d ago

Im very glad it did not end up that way. In first person you would lose the scale the game has. That is something i really appreciate about the GoW games is the immense size and scale of the environments and how the camera zooms out to show it in a much grander view.

CobraKai726d ago

Those epic set pieces would have gone unnoticed

TallDarknWavy726d ago

In GOW3 they did an homage to the fact it was supposed to be an FPS by putting you in first person right at the end, swinging your blades and bashing Zeus' face till the screen completely goes red.

roadkillers726d ago (Edited 726d ago )

One of the unlockables in the original God of War was a first person representation of God of War. A consideration for a spin-off/sequel was presented as a FPS in modern times. The military finds the dead Titan (Chronos I believe) and goes into the mountains where Kratos found Pandora's Box. Very interesting idea and gave me Clive Barker Jericho vibes.

Npugz7726d ago

Barf I wouldn’t of played it!

NotanotherReboot726d ago

would love an arena based moba FPS in the GOW universe

camel_toad726d ago (Edited 726d ago )

Don't leave out a deck-building system and Kratos' fetch quests. "Make love to 12 different harpies".

goldwyncq726d ago

Maybe the Egyptian era for the PS6 would switch to first-person just to keep things fresh

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Twisted Metal director says ‘I’d be very hurt’ if a revival rumour is true

David Jaffe says he doesn’t believe a new game is in the works; “I haven’t heard a thing".

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brewin776d ago ShowReplies(25)
porkChop776d ago

That doesn't take anything away from his accomplishments. He still created the franchise along with Scott Campbell. If a new game is made he should at least be brought on as a consultant.

UltraNova776d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if Sony has cut ties with Jaffe considering how pro-XBOX and Gamepas (bordering shill level) he has been in recent times. I mean he is known for speaking his mind (to his detriment at times) but he hasn't learned that a certain etiquette is needed in this line of business in order to keep relationships alive. That said, I don't know why he would be surprised if Sony went ahead and revived this IP without him.

porkChop776d ago


As Jaffe has said, Sony came to him and connected him with the people creating the Twisted Metal show. They obviously wanted and valued his input. It would make no sense to not seek the same if they were planning to make a game as well.

Regardless of him praising Game Pass, he still maintains good relations with Sony. When his PSN account was auto-banned Sony reached out to apologize and said it shouldn't have happened. That doesn't sound like a company that wants to cut ties.

UltraNova776d ago


For the record, I'm a fan of his work and generally his opinions, and follow him on both Twitter and youtube. Now, I'm not saying they should cut ties with him, actually, they would do well if they seek his advice if they ever decide to revive TM. What I'm saying is that I will not be surprised if they actually have, seeing how critical he has been with Sony lately. He would go on how good Phil is and praised Gamepass while taking jabs at Sony for not having something similar. He was so into it sometimes that I couldn't help but wonder what would Sony execs who came across his content would do.

The whole PSN ban thing is irrelevant to the point I'm trying to make since he was more or less treated as any other customer and helped solve that. (being a public figure with an audience obviously helped speed up the process).

fitofficial776d ago

Disagree strongly. His last attempt at a Twisted Metal game was a miserable failure and he was basically given full control.

Jaffe has been overrated for a long, long time. He never grew.

Unknown_Gamer5794776d ago

The thing is, when a product is developed for a company, that company owns that product, regardless of who created it. If the individual who created said product is no longer part of the team, they no longer have any more to do with any future products created under that IP than anyone else who's no longer part of the team.

There is prestige in being the creator of a popular franchise, but that really only amounts to people knowing that individual created that franchise. Sure, Sony could look Jaffe up if they really wanted him back, but they're well within their right to not do so, and one of their studios could create a new Twisted Metal regardless.

porkChop776d ago


No one said a new studio can't make the game though. I think people are misunderstanding what Jaffe is saying. He'd just like to know a new game is in the works and consult/talk with the devs about the new game and their direction.

It's no different than the new God of War. Kratos moving to norse mythology wasn't Cory Barlog's idea. That was Jaffe's. Jaffe talked about it during God of War - Game Directors Live back in 2011. Jaffe consulted with Barlog on the new game, they bounced ideas back and forth, and it led to an incredible game.

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Bobertt776d ago

He has worked on the majority of the Twisted Metal games and made the last one in 2012 and is consulting on the TV show. The article doesn't mention it but in the video he says he thinks if there is a game they didn't tell him about it's most likely a mobile or short game related to the tv show and not a full fledged Twisted Metal game. He has said in previous videos about a Twisted Metal sequel that he doesn't think Sony will make it because they wouldn't make enough money for the cost of a next gen AAA game. The only way it would work was if it's full of micro transactions and online only and the fans wouldn't want that type of Twisted Metal.

BLAKHOODe776d ago

IF a new game is in the works (I hope so), I don't care if Jaffe is part of it or not. There are a lot of talented game directors out there. Twisted Metal might be his baby, but Jaffe isn't a guarantee lock in developing the best version.

brewin776d ago (Edited 776d ago )

Id take remakes of the first two games at this point. PS5 needs games. Twisted metal was always one of my favorite franchises. They just focus on these big story heavy single player games, its so limiting. They need to spread it out make some smaller games why not remake the classics like twisted metal 2?

13sentinel776d ago (Edited 776d ago )

Ps5 has more Exclusives compared to its Immediate competition. If you are complaining about lack of games then you need to keep the same energy. The pandemic has also clearly affected the gaming industry and games in their early to mid development have been severely disrupted. This isn't only a 'Sony' thing. I know it's frustrating with Sony not having a ps5 future showcase event, but the silence doesn't mean they are in trouble or dont have any games in development. You'd be lying if you say there aren't any, Herman Hulst has already made it clear on the number in the works.

It's almost as if people forget about Sony's output in 2020, which was phenomenal:

Final fantasy remake
Tlou 2
Ghost of tsushima
Miles morales
Astro bot
Demons Souls
13 Sentinels

Then 2021

Ratchet and clank rift apart
Ghost dlc

I dont think they could've done a better job with game releases thus far, especially for the ps5.

SpeedDemon776d ago

The system has been out for 9 months and a pandemic has slowed development of games, you can't expect them to have a bunch of new games just yet.