Evolve is a fiver cheaper at £34.95 on PS4 or Xbox One

Dealspwn writes: GC's sale is only on for the rest of the night, but if you're quick, you can order Evolve for £34.95 on PS4 or Xbox One, saving you a fiver in the process.

Evolve has generally been doing quite well with the reviews, but here at Dealspwn, we seriously question the value for money on offer, especially for what seems to be rather a shallow experience. Take a look at Jon's Evolve review for more on the subject. That said, if you enjoyed the recent alpha and beta test sessions and have a group of friends you'll want to play it with regularly, then by all means dive in and take advantage of GC's front-runner deal.

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Forn1347d ago

Still £34.95 too much ;-)