PlayStation Exclusive Dragon Quest Heroes Gets Awesome Screenshots, Epic and Funny Commercials

Suare Enix just released four new TV commercials and a batch of screenshots and artwork of Dragon Quest Heroes, which will hit the shelves in Japan on February 26.

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Yaay4me3152d ago

I like the art style. I hope they release a proper Dragon Quest on PS4 after this.

BG115793152d ago

I'm really interested in this game, but I hope that after this the series will go back to it's roots with an J-rpg with some online features...

Yaay4me3152d ago

Yup, same here. Couldn't have said it better myself.

3-4-53152d ago

Dragon Quest 11 is currently being made.

I'm hoping they make a PS4/Xb1/Wii U Dragon Quest game, like a normal one, and then an additional separate game for 3DS/Vita.

hkgamer3152d ago

i prefer a more traditional toriyama style for dragon quest. it just doesnt feel right if it isnt.

would also love to see another level5 dq game on a ps4.

SegaGamer3151d ago (Edited 3151d ago )

I have some bad news. Square Enix announced that the next Dragon Quest game is going to be a different genre. A terrible idea in my opinion.


Why can't they just give us another turn based DQ game?

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PlayStation Plus Game Catalog lineup for October: GTA: Vice City, Dragon Quest XI, and more

"A bumper crop of PlayStation titles make up October’s PlayStation Plus Game Catalog lineup. All these games will be available to play starting Tuesday, October 18. Without further ado, let’s dive in. Also added this month: The Medium, Dragon Quest Builders, Dragon Quest Heroes and more. "

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nevin1354d ago

Wait, no new PS1, PS2 or PSP additions?

CrimsonWing69354d ago

It’s frustrating how they barely update that library. I get that Jimbo hates old games, but c’mon, the classic catalogue with trophies was a big draw for me. Was really hoping to get some heavy duty classic PS1 games to platinum. Looks like they’ll do exactly what they did on PS4 with the PS2 library…

LucasRuinedChildhood354d ago (Edited 354d ago )

Games like Resistance: Retribution have already been rated as well so they have some stuff ready.

I think they still don't have a healthy supply of classic games for the next few months and they have to really spread them out ... so because of all those Yakuza remasters on Premium this month ... they made the decision to hold off putting up more PSP or PS1 games until next month. :(

They need clearer communication on this. They could have said that we can look forward to some PSP games next month or something.

FinalFantasyFanatic353d ago

I'm so glad I stuck with the essential tier, I'd be ticked paying more with the expectation that the classic catalogue would be regularly updated and built up. The classic catalogue was the biggest draw of the upper tiers for me, so not seeing any new PS1 games is pretty disappointing.

Ben Dover354d ago

While the VC remake is a turd, this is an impressive month.

SlothLordPootus354d ago

Has vice city been fixed? If not it feels like a weird addition. Lots for Dragon Quests fans.

jeromeface354d ago

fixed? Its kinda hard to fix something that was a mobile port to begin with... so no

cluclap354d ago

It wasn't a mobile port though? The team that made them did the mobile games but if I remember the actual remakes aren't the mobile versions.

andy85354d ago

Playing it at the moment. It actually looks pretty clean. I'm on PS5 though, can't comment for other versions. I guess the updates helped a bit

VersusDMC354d ago

If you like assassins creed and Dragon Quest enjoy the multiple games.

Just plan on playing Medium and the Yakuza remasters right now.

EvertonFC354d ago

"inside" indie game looks interesting for sure too

SlothLordPootus354d ago

Inside is great. If youve played limbo it's very similar

dazzysima354d ago

Seems the PS Plus offer is running out of steam already.

Have they even added any new trials since launch?

rob-GP354d ago

Yes, loads - they just stupidly havn't updated the list on the console!

I can't recall of the top of my head but there's been a bunch of games, probably about 10 or so. I'm gonna drop Shu another email and try and get him to tell the UX team to update the list. It's annoying when they don't update things

VersusDMC354d ago

I checked out the soulstice trial recently. And i heard they added dying light 2 so i might check that one out as well.

MrNinosan354d ago

Running out of steam? This month is amazing, and the months before it has been great aswell.
At least 3 of the Dragon Quest games are great, Medium is okay, Assassins Creed is nice gems for those who missed put, Inside amazing, Castlevania superb, the Yakuza remakes are fantastic.

Lots of Trials has been added simce launch.
If you don't use the service or are interested enough to first check what's there, why comment?