Officially licensed white Hori Fighting Edge arcade stick for Xbox 360 gets U.S. release date

The U.S. release date has been revealed for the white version of the Xbox 360 Hori Fighting Edge.

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3-4-51433d ago

Why would you release it for the 360 only now ?

Would making it for the Xbox one make more sense ?

My reasoning:

* Xbox 360 is getting support for maybe 1-2 more years.

XB1 is getting support for another 6 years or so.

That is 2 years of sales vs a potential 6 years of sales for your product.

Once it's made and out there, it's available to buy.....not just day one, but also 6 years later, if the console is still active.

This doesn't seem like the wisest long term decision unless it's compatible with XB1 or it's like a Tournament standard kind of thing...

Looks really cool though.