Elder Scrolls Online will add paid-for health, XP boost potions

The Elder Scrolls Online will soon allow you to buy health, stamina, magic and experience boost potions using real-world money.

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RG_Dubz1343d ago

And if there's any PVP I will not play it because it's now Pay-To-Win.

I'm fine with Pay-To-Win in co-op though, as it does not effect me either way.

KrisButtar1342d ago

Of course there is PVP a whole province is for that. I'm not sure how that selling potions is paid to win. Sure it helps people save time but I don't see any advantage when you can buy them from in-game vendors or buy the "better version" ones from the people who craft. Middle tier stuff here to help people save some time.

mhunterjr1342d ago

Selling potions in pvp would be pay to win, because people spending extra cash will have access to much more health and stamina boosts, giving then a competitive edges.

pompombrum1342d ago

^^^ I'm pretty sure the health/stamina things aren't boosts but just standard consumable potions. If they are boosts, then yeah that's wrong but weak potions shouldn't be a huge deal.

xPhearR3dx1342d ago


Even if it was boosts, it's still not wrong in my opinion. As long as the boosts their selling are craftable (aside from the XP one of course). You're never forced in PVP so you could easily wait until you've crafted or bought/got enough health boost to enter PVP.

It's been some time since I've played ESO, but unless they revamped potions and the health/stamina/magicka system, I don't see this being a problem.

pompombrum1342d ago

People really butcher the term "Pay to Win" these days.. at worst it's pay for minor advantage. XP boosts are standard these days and the health/stamina potions are weaker than the ones that are player crafted so not a huge deal.

Volkama1342d ago

"Standard" doesn't make it OK though. I bitterly resent exp potions and other such temporary consumables. "I can't wait til I get to level x and get to do y!" becomes "I could do it sooner if I paid for a couple of those potions". Totally ruins the investment/reward hooks that make up a good metagame.

If you aren't using them you are playing inefficiently, and knowing that saps the fun.

If you are using them then you are a just being willingly mugged.

GreetingsfromCanada1342d ago

People hate subscriptions, they hate Free to Play and they hate Destiny's aggressive DLC plan. Moral of the story, people hate every way of creating a world that's constantly adding stuff and would rather pay&play once and be done with it. Except WoW for some reason.

Clown_Syndr0me1342d ago

I think it's just what console gamers are used to. There's lots of pay to play PC games that are successfull but this idea is relatively new to console.

Id rather pay a monthly fee than be swarmed my micro transactions. To get exactly the same experience as a monthly fee game you would probably spend 2-3 times the amount on micro transactions in a month.

GreetingsfromCanada1342d ago

In most cases ignorance is bless, but it's wrath this time.

sourav931342d ago

But when you charge $60 for a game, and then ask for a $15 monthly subscription...that's when it's wrong in every way...even for PC gamers.

DougLord1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

Ok let me be VERY clear about this. There is food that boosts HP, Stamina or Magika or REGEN. And there is food that heals it. Both have level caps and both have timers. You can only have 1 food working at a time. It is all EASILY craftable and sitting around to be picked up for free EVERYWHERE. Every building or market you go into has dozens of bottles and food items sitting around that you can just pickup. My backpack is so full of this stuff its ridiculous and I haven't paid a dime.

This is pretty standard. Stop whining.