Just Cause 3 dev: 'going to look spectacular', cites 'huge, epic explosions'

Just Cause 3 developer reveals more details, including the decision to stick with just a single-player mode.

RG_Dubz3214d ago

No co-op, no $60 purchase.

Will wait for a price drop or a co-op patch before purchasing.

Bansai3214d ago

Good singleplayer is enough to keep me interested. I hate this trend where everyone is shoving multiplayer into every game.

AudioEppa3214d ago

I agree with you about multiplayer (depending on game tho) but coop would really help some games if they had it and done right.

RG_Dubz3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

Does good single player consist of a generic story and lower replay value?

Just Cause 2 on the PC has a co-op mod and that mod is the best thing to ever happen to the series, period.

If idiots are willing to pay full price for a generic single player story and lower replay value (due to lack of co-op) no wonder they haven't added co-op, they're probably waiting for the series to go stale then suck you back in with some co-op in the next game.

Open World games have always benefitted from co-op, Saints Row, Mercenaries, Far Cry.. You can't deny the added replay value to those games because of co-op and you'd be in denial to state otherwise.

What I don't get is these idiots who are against co-op even though it's an OPTION that they do not have to use.. and has no effect on their single player experience.

And I say idiots because only an idiot would say no to having more options in any game, If you don't like the options don't use them.

Let's limit options because some idiot doesn't want to use them, seems logical.

DawginTow13213d ago

I just want a huge, beautiful world, full of life, & awesome ways of traversing that living world.

And explosions ;D

AudioEppa3214d ago

Never cared for the previous games, maybe coop could be interesting in this.

This game reminds me of mercenary, both games overall had a very low quality action movie vibe about them lol sometimes it's alright... sometimes

SamPao3213d ago

Just that just cause is not low quali.
Go play jc2 before judging

AudioEppa3213d ago

Played jc2 a long time ago even knowing i hated the first one, same feeling. It just didn't vibe with me.

smoothop3214d ago

Its nice to have co-op in a game like this, its not necessary, but it would have been pretty cool if you ask me. Could still be a great game solo so I'll wait and see what its like.

3213d ago
KumquatGOATBEEF3213d ago

Single player is great, but the Just Cause universe is meant for multiplayer chaos. I've dreamed of playing Just Cause with my friends on a console and I thought Just Cause 3 would allow us to do that. I understand that some people don't care and just want a sandbox to play in, but man... think of the possibilities they could do with multiplayer. *sigh*

WizzroSupreme3213d ago

Just Cause in a 1080p, 60fps open-world sounds like my cup of tea.

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Games with average storylines but great gameplay

Some games make up for a lackluster story with excellent gameplay. These are some games with average storylines but great gameplay.

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shinoff2183231d ago

Who decides if a games story is average idefinitely ain't listening to no reviewers. I don't agree with most of then anyway. I think alot of them are to harsh on games so they can get clicks

banger88231d ago

Every Soulslike game ever made.

refocusedman230d ago

zelda has a story line? Actually do any nintendo 1st party games have decent (not even good) storylines?

NotoriousWhiz230d ago

Does Xenoblade count as 1st party? That's the only one I can think of.

NotoriousWhiz230d ago

Also, Ocarina of time definitely had a decent (but not great) story.

Brazz230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

Zelda average story line!? Zelda Story sucks, most time It comes to "save the princess", Nintendo sucks at story outside Fire Emblem and perhaps 1-2 other IPs.

DOMination-230d ago

Actually the Souls games and Zelda games share something in common, which is that they reward gamers for seeking out the story rather than thrusting it in their faces. Not saying this is better or worse, but it's unfair to say they don't have them.

People will be surprised to learn that if you dig a bit deeper into Zelda games, there's a whole lot of really dark and crazy stuff happening.

RaiderNation230d ago


Thrust in your face??? I assume by that you mean basic story-telling 101? Lol.

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P_Bomb230d ago

I platinumed both Niohs but for the life of me, couldn’t tell you what happened in the story lol! I can namedrop Nobunaga, but that’s about it.

DeusFever230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

The pinnacle of bad story but great gameplay is Destiny and Destiny 2. What is the Traveler? What is the Darkness? What the heck is happening? No one knew. But shooting the aliens and robots felt so good.

Brazz230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

Article os about "average" story. But If you wanna talk about bad story but great gameplay you need to look at Nintendo, they are the masters at making poor shirt story on great gameplay.

HeliosHex230d ago

@deus. If you want more of the story fleshed out in detail I'd recommend the destiny grimoire anthology 1-6 25 bucks each. It's really good I loved the backstory on the guns.

Relientk77230d ago

"I don't even have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."

Is my favorite line from Destiny's "story" lol