The Witcher 3 is Hype-Proof: CD Projekt RED Discusses its Gargantuan Beast

In the gaming industry hype is a very powerful tool, but at the same time hype can be a very powerful curse. We've seen games approach launch with astronomical levels of hype only to fall short of the buzz. We've seen games surpass what people had hoped for. Hype is a silver-bullet that can take a game's expectations from reasonable to insurmountable. For The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt though, this game could indeed be hype-proof.

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ArchangelMike1345d ago

Yeah, call me a fool, but I'm all aboard the hype train for the Witcher 3. Playing through the Witcher 2 again and even though it's 4 years old, it still holds up very well by next-gen standards (or should that be current-gen standards) - story telling, level design, graphics etc etc. Basically they've established a small pedigree that speaks well for the ambition and quality to be expected from The Witcher 3.

Canary1345d ago

Funny. For me, Witcher 2 is what tempers the hype for me. Don't get me wrong, it's a great game, but it did several things poorly that the first game did well.

Bansai1345d ago

I loved both Witcher games, but this one... oh boy this one's gonna be a doozy

starchild1345d ago

I liked the first game, but I think the second was the better game overall.

ArchangelMike1345d ago


I hear you. But for all the things it did poorly, it still stands up to the single player story driven RPG's we have today. I mean it's 4 years old now, that's an impressive feat. If the WItcher 2 is still better than current day RPG's, then the Witcher 3 will be miles ahead.

But yeah, not everyone is into the aame type of games, and that's ok.

Canary1340d ago

No, ArchangelMike, I agree: the main narrative of Witcher 2 was fantastic and set a new benchmark for branching narrative worldspaces. Where the game failed, in my opinion, (at least compared to its predecessor) was in the quality of the side content. Witcher 1 had great, story-driven side-quests that added a lot of depth and character to the setting and mythology... Witcher 2 mostly has fetch quests.

This worries me for Witcher 3 because, as we've seen almost uniformly, open-world games tend to attract cookie-cutter quest design (see Skyrim, Dragon Age, Assassins Creed, Far Cry, etc., etc.).

So that's one area where I'm expecting Witcher 3 to disappoint.

The other area is performance. Where I'm already disappointed. Witcher 2 was very poorly optimized and even after so many patches still ain't that great now; and the system requirements for Witcher 3 are just obscene. CDPR clearly doesn't know how to scale down their assets. Or simply doesn't care.

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Kumomeme1345d ago

lot of people being displeased with witcher 2...the combat,story and lot of people calling it borings

for me...this game indeed overhype...
not wrong to give high hope and faith..but if its kind of turn out other way around, its indeed hurt in own ways...reputation or devs are perfect all times

ArchangelMike1345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

Yeah, the Hype is really strong with The Witcher 3.

PiNkFaIrYbOi1345d ago

Yeah, especially if at launch it is a buggy mess. Hopefully it isn't, but will just have to wait and see how the game turns out and stuff.