100,000 Oculus Rift DK2’s have now been sold

There are now 100,000 DK2 headsets in the wild.

That’s the news from Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe, who announced the milestone on Twitter just a few hours ago. It marks a significant milestone for the Rift headset, and proves just how popular the unit has become, even though it’s still a piece of hardware intended for developer use only.

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Neonridr3145d ago

I was tempted to order a DK2, but at this point I will either wait for the CV1 or the DK3 - whichever comes first..

Cyb3r3145d ago

I think Nate Mitchell said that there wont be a DK3, as for being tempted to order a DK2 I would recommend waiting for CV1 the DK2 screendoor effect it still too obtrusive which is the main reason I sold my DK2.

Neonridr3145d ago

thank you for your advice richie, I appreciate it.

mixelon3145d ago

I mostly agree with Richie - it's getting so close now you may as well wait.

I love my dk2 and will probably skip the cv1 unless it's drastically better, but will get the cv2 most likely.

The bigger problem for me isn't the screen door effect but the "low" resolution - hopefully the cv will be more than 1080p!

SniperControl3144d ago

Yep, Richi is right, while i love my DK2(Project CARS & Elite Dangerous are literally mind-blowing with the Rift), the CV1 really needs a bump in resolution(2k-4K) and at least 120Mhz display.

Seeing individual pixels(@1080p) does ruin the immersion a little and they also need to have better Rift integration, it's a major pain to setup games to use with Rift.

mixelon3145d ago

If you think of the Rift as a seperate "platform" but you already have a beefy enough PC - it's a damn good investment.

At what point do people stop saying "nobody wants to play on this!" - we clearly do! It doesn't have to be the biggest thing ever but it's already amazing for a lot of games and has about as many killer apps as a console that'd been that long on the market - even though it's not technically released yet.

It's not "the future of games" - but it will be a significant part of it.

Eurotruck 2 (lol)
Alien Isolation
Star Citizen
Affected and all the other indie horror things.
Elite: Dangerous
Project Cars
Asseto Corsa
And many, many more.. http://www.theriftarcade.co...

Also, FarCry 3 and 4 using VorpX are crazy fun.

SniperControl3144d ago

Eurotruck 2 is amazing with the rift lol

mixelon3144d ago

I know, its weirdly compelling.

Im terrible at parking the trailers though.

tortri3144d ago

Retro Arcade is pretty awesome.

mixelon3144d ago

Definitely. I played that standing up only sitting down when i did in the game. I sat in the sofa listening to the tapes for ages. It's really engrossing.


Cant wait for the CV1 so I can play my car games especially ETS2.


Morels: Homestead Established for PC VR

Morels: Homestead, a relaxing game in which you can create your own unique homestead, is available now for PC VR.

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F1 23 Will Support PC VR But Not PSVR 2

Electronic Arts has confirmed that while F1 23 will support PC VR it will not support PSVR 2 on PlayStation 5.

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ApocalypseShadow136d ago

That's fine. GT7 would overshadow it anyway at it has open wheel and regular cars.

Should have been spending their time updating Squadrons with better resolution, frame rate, haptics, etc as there isn't a game like that on PS VR 2 yet.

But it's EA. They don't think.

Babadook7135d ago

I agree. It would sell better on PSVR2 right now.

Knushwood Butt136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

A wasted opportunity, but I don't buy EA / Codemasters stuff anyway. Grid Legends just came out on Plus and I haven't touched it. Why would I when I have GT7 and PSVR2?

Abnor_Mal136d ago

Not into F1 racing, but still a missed opportunity.

ApocalypseShadow136d ago

That's where opportunity presents itself that they could offer something else that other developers haven't offered yet. Yeah. There's No Man's Sky. But a space game with a story would be great. Like the old days with Colony Wars.

Abnor_Mal136d ago

Exactly, they could have possibly lured more players just from the inclusion of a vr mode.

I miss Colony wars and G-Police, Low-Fi I hope will scratch that itch when it releases. We also need a vr War/Starhawk game.

Knushwood Butt135d ago

Just watched the trailer of Low-Fi. Most definitely on my radar.

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Forgotten VR Gems: Robo Recall

Here's a forgotten VR gem for you from 2019. Epic Games' action-packed Robo Recall, which is also available for Quest 2.

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Babadook7156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

Although I never owned an oculus, I played the demo for this at an electronics store. Pretty impressive in an early goings of VR title.

Venoxn4g155d ago

Such a great game