The Order 1886 Was Originally Meant To Be 'Massive' In Scope,PS4 Amazing Platform To Build A Game On

With only a few days to go before PlayStation 4's first big exclusive of 2015 launches, a few new details about the game's original vision have been revealed.

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Septic1369d ago

Pretty honest statement from Weerasuriya. Fair play to him.

Also this is an interesting quote:

"We all had reservations early on, when it was being designed, about things here or there, but the reality is that those were addressed as we went on".

They were there from the very beginning it seems, watching the console develop from day one (ish). Pretty cool. Also a big reason why The Order looks so damn amazing. They know what they are working with.

Irishguy951369d ago

Am curious to see how this game turns out, I really hope this is another Dev that can put out great games. The more the merrier.

otherZinc1369d ago (Edited 1369d ago )

Sounds like The Order 1886 was "Downgraded" from open levels to Linearity & Scripted Events.

I remember the very first trailer of The Order 1886. It showed 4 unique characters fighting together. I said wow, this is going to be a great Campaign Co-op Game! Nope, "Downgraded" to Single Player Movie, QTE, No Multiplayer Game; disappointing.

Septic1369d ago

I agree about the lack of co op. Thats what strikes me as odd. The biggest thing that's holding this back from greatness at this early stage.

ABeastNamedTariq1369d ago

But... It was never said to have co-op or multiplayer so.. Lol

nucky641369d ago

downgraded? you mean like how your account has been downgraded to 1 bubble due to pitiful comments?

DigitalRaptor1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

You just described Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - a great game. The Order: 1886 was never announced as anything other than a single player game, so your "downgraded" talk is a bunch of grasped straws. Very pathetic.

That aside, I don't get the co-op complaints. Would it be online co-op? Would it be split-screen (obviously that would look like utter garbage)?

I mean do people really not "get" the feel, the flow, the focus [email protected] were going for here? How far off the beaten track the game will let you go is limited, so what exactly is the point of co-op in such a guided cinematic experience? Seriously...

The Last of Us managed to make one of the memorable single player experiences of all time, and the multiplayer, whilst unique, is not all that memorable when the VAST majority of people (millions) who bought it didn't try or stay with the online multiplayer long enough for it to matter (thousands).

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DarkOcelet1369d ago

My guess they wanted to tell a story but couldnt be told when in an open world aspect because side quests will make you forget the story that they wanted to tell.

gameseveryday1369d ago

My personal take is that they wanted to go for a cinematic look and feel, with visuals close to CG. I think they were not sure whether they will be able to achieve that level of visual fidelity in an open world game, at least this early in PS4's life cycle.

Septic1369d ago

Yeah I think you're right. It would explain the more restricted outcome. Still, if they nail the cinematic flair of the game they'll have a classic on their hands.

NuggetsOfGod1369d ago (Edited 1369d ago )

Also ps4 couldn't get these graphics in a open world right now.

Unless maItel can help ps4 players will never get this quality in an open world.

Only game I have seen look so hifi in an open world is star citizen.

I want this to be the generation of huge realistic uncharted 4 like environments at 60fps but seems I need ps5 already.

MysticStrummer1369d ago

"I want this to be the generation of huge realistic uncharted 4 like environments at 60fps but seems I need ps5 already."

Having read many of your comments I feel fairly confident that you'll downplay whatever the PS5 does also.

GamingTruth1368d ago

show me any game on any platform with graphics like this open world

InMyOpinion1369d ago

I remember when Alan Wake was bashed for not being open-world. It's one of my favourite games of last gen.

Fro_xoxo1369d ago (Edited 1369d ago )

If it were open world.. There's no way the game would look the same.

It would definitely remain at 30 frames though, and definitely no black bars.

Doesn't matter what it could have been.. what matters is what it is now.

Nucler1001369d ago (Edited 1369d ago )

Well, we know how the sequel will shape up now. If there is one that is.

Edit: Just read, didn't know it was because of hardware limitations, I assumed it was because of time lol.

BUt, who knows. Could their next game be open world?

Or "massive" in scope?

Jazz41081369d ago (Edited 1369d ago )

What it sounds like is please buy are game so Sony will buy us and we won't have to go kick starter for our next project or goto the competition. We bit off more then we could chew as the ps4 with our engine could not handle the open world with high visuals. I do not believe this game is even 10 hours long and has not maxed 1080p or more then 30 fps. That does not make it a bad game but remember that if you try to use that same argument against another title in the future. I do own a ps4 and will purchase the retail copy of the game after I see the review scores and I do that with all games as I play so only and not much into no. Did anyone see the SVU episode this week on gaming. I'm surprised it did not cause a bunch of issues in our community.

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