Peter Molyneux Interview: “I haven’t got a reputation in this industry any more”

RPS:"When Peter Molyneux agreed to speak to me, I knew the interview was going to be tense. I knew that an article we’d posted on Monday, asking what was going on with the development of Godus, had kicked up an enormous storm for 22cans and its boss, with the rest of the gaming press picking up and running with it. So I assumed, when he agreed to chat, he knew that it wasn’t going to be a smooth ride. I wanted to get to the root of so much that now seems to form the reputation of the developer, the outlandish promises that so often aren’t kept, the ridiculous time-frames claimed, and the often disappointing or lacklustre results. I especially wanted to do this now that the people funding such things aren’t deep-pocketed publishers, but the players themselves. I wasn’t expecting it to take us in the direction of Molyneux’s declaring that I was “driving him out of the games industry”."

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LordMaim3152d ago

He wishes he didn't have a reputation in this industry any more.

It would be better than the reputation he has now.

ArchangelMike3152d ago

Yep... the reputation of being a pretentious self indulgent prat.

The_Blue3152d ago

Exactly. Its his fault, Godus and Fable were all over-hyped.

GarrusVakarian3152d ago

Sure you have...

...it's just not a very good one.

BattleTorn3152d ago

He hasn't created zip worthwhile in a long time, but his name still turns my head...

and I still respect him for speaking his mind, from time to time

Cernunnos3152d ago

A shame? He earned his current reputation completely.

Yetter3152d ago

came here to post the very same comment, but i'll just give ya a bubble this time

MasterCornholio3152d ago

Pretty much. It was up to him to produce incredible games but he failed to do that. That's why he has a pretty bad reputation in the industry.

ArchangelMike3152d ago

It's a shame really. He used to be one of the greats. What happened along the way?

rainslacker3152d ago (Edited 3152d ago )

Up until failing on a kickstarter I never had a problem with him. He has a good portfolio of games to his name, and most of those games failings come from the over-promises he himself made that never made it to those games. The games themselves though were typically very good regardless though.

I've also found him to give pretty honest analysis of companies and the industry on a regular basis in interviews and sometimes blogs.

Since opening 22 cans I haven't been impressed, particularly with his first project, and now he's reverting back to his self-loathing attitude which is much different than his overly ambitious and optimistic view of games in general.

I don't know why he makes some of the comments he does on his personal failings. I think he is sometimes too hard on himself and takes things way too personally. I don't feel sorry for him or anything, as he has had opportunities that any creative game developer would love to have. I don't feel he squandered his time at MS, or before, but with 22 cans he went from being a game developer to being a person trying to be a visionary long after others have already had those visions. It isn't creative to develop mobile games which have already been created, nor is it creative to just slap a new skin on them and sell them on his name alone. He squandered his reputation in the past couple years, and that's his own fault.

He can always come back, it just takes getting back to what he did great, and that's have a bold vision that went well beyond what was possible at the time. being a visionary is hard, but he was often way ahead of his time.

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yewles13152d ago

Every time with this man...

lemoncake3152d ago (Edited 3152d ago )

Only thing he can do now is keep quiet for a few years and then make a good game. If he cannot do that he might as well hang up his gaming coat and call it a day, hopefully he saved enough of the money he made over the years to retire on.

Hellsvacancy3152d ago

As much as I hate the guy I do feel kinda sorry for him, Populous The Beginning is one of my favourite games of all time, so he has got it in him to please even the hardest of people

He just needs to stop whining and get his head down and make a new game, or quit

lemoncake3152d ago

He had left bullfrog before they made that version of populous. I have always been a big fan of him though and loved alot of the games he worked on while at bullfrog and at lionhead. A lot of my childhood involved bullfrog games so its sad that he has ended up like this and isn't making great games like he used to.

ArchangelMike3152d ago

Yeah he needs be able to deliver on his big ideas with a really good stand-out game (no pressure right?!). But I think broadening his audience agian will help. Kinda like Kojima. I think once Kojima broadened his audience beyond the Playstation faithful, he got even more popular than before.