Order definitive GTA V experience on PC for £28.49

Dealspwn writes: Fancy cutting the price of GTA V on PC down to £28.49 for the cheapest price on the web by over £5? Don't forget to take advantage of the site's usual 5% discount code by using the facebook 'like' option at the top of their page for a cheeky discount code.

This new version of Grand Theft Auto V features improved graphics, a new first-person view and tonnes more extra features that make it one of the better remasters out there. We're really excited to see the PC version push the boat out with 4K visuals and the modding community are set to run riot with GTA V at their finger tips. The PS4 and XO versions have been selling incredibly well, so expect the price to stay high for a while on PC too, I imagine this is the best price you'll see for a while really.

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lelo2play1343d ago

No rush. Rockstar was in no hurry to lunch the PC version... so no hurry to purchase it. Get it when it's dirt cheap.

Lord_Sloth1343d ago

To be fair I would be in a hurry to lunch it either. I'd rather just have a sandwich.

AudioEppa1343d ago

definitive?...👌㈇ 6;👌

mgszelda11343d ago

Does definitive include heists at launch?

Kurisu1343d ago

Just completed the story today on PS4! You PC gamers that haven't played it yet are in for a great game :D

Lon3wolf1343d ago

I played on PS3 rushed through story and pre-ordered PC version at the end of 2013, for £26, can't wait for mods etc.

Artemidorus1343d ago

More pixels and double the frames does not mean definitive.

Stapleface1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

It only means that on console. PC gamers pick their resolutions, have for ages. It's the mods. Graphics options in the settings are another nice feature on pc games. That and steam doesn't go down at least once a month so online play should rarely be interrupted as long as R*'s servers don't go down.

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