ZTGD | The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D Review

Dave Payerle writes: Going back to games I loved years ago tends to lead to at least a little bit of disappointment. Game development and structure have changed dramatically since I was young, and replaying those old titles can serve to underscore that fact. The games themselves aren’t inherently bad (ok, some of them are), they just lack the polish and systems that have become commonplace. Majora’s Mask probably concerned me on this front more than most other games; it’s a fun, brilliant departure from the norm in the Zelda universe, but the time mechanic that made it so unique could also make it very frustrating. Within the first hour my fears had been dismissed. Nintendo managed to update the time management in a way that feels totally organic, and in the process makes the jewel that is Majora’s Mask shine.

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