Lesbian Love Adventure Comes to Vita – White Robe Love Addiction (PSLS Preview)

Itsuki, the green haired girl with a love of garters, loves jokes and has a personality “like a playboy.” The older sempai nurses adore her. Her listed skills include “sexual harassment.” Itsuki playfully teases Asuka once in a while.

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knifefight1438d ago

So probably no chance of localization.

hazelamy1438d ago

i suspect you may be right. :(

sounds like just my sort of game too. ^_^

ftwrthtx1437d ago

Ummmmmmm....... Yeah. OK


If this is what it takes to keep the Vita alive in at least one territory, I can accept it!

TwilightSparkle1437d ago

Wow! Now i've seen everything. Trying to force gays in games now -_-

knifefight1437d ago

"Now"? This is a successor to a PSP game from years ago.

"Force"? They exist as a common part of reality. They can be part of a video game story too.

I don't see the harm :)

TwilightSparkle1437d ago

Of course you don't. You jack off to this kind of stuff. I can here you fapping from miles away

knifefight1436d ago

This isn't even a sex game, though.

Also, nice way to turn a discussion about a game into a baseless personal attack.

Wedge191437d ago

This is definitely part of a different culture than America.