Star Wars Battlefront Rumor Overload: Setting, DLC, Hero System, And More

"There is a new set of rumors surrounding Star Wars Battlefront. "

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DarkOcelet1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

"There will be five DLC packs, the 1st coming out before 2015 ends. Each pack will have special themes as well, based on The Force Awakens. Thankfully, some The Force Awakens characters, including everyone in the trailer,will be in the base game. Each DLC pack should have 3 new maps, new hero characters and new vehicles and ships, of which there are a ton."

F**k you EA for ruining yet another game with your BS dlc practice. I am not supporting this piece of $hit.

They are just banking on the things we love with this BS. I urge people not to support this game. Announcing dlc packs months before the game is released meaning that those are already cut from the game and being sold to us in overpriced pieces.

aconnellan1342d ago

I dislike when company's announce the DLC packs well before launch. Like how the first thing I saw about Evolve wasn't its reveal, but that I could pre-order it for exclusive content.

I had the same problem with Battlefield's DLC. If you want to support your game after launch with awesome content, then that's great and I'll buy it; however, if you go in head first planning on releasing 'x' amount of packs with 'y' characters and 'z' maps in each, then it starts to cross the line between 'supporting' and 'moneyhatting'.

Regardless, I'm still looking forward to Battlefront, but I hope they treat it with respect.

spicelicka1342d ago

Yea seriously it's spreading like cancer, DLC should not even be made until after the game has launched. It's such a messed up business practice that we just can't get rid of now, and there's no reason for them to stop.

Dirtnapstor1342d ago

I think they're just following the BF formula with the DLC content. Too early to say, rumors...
Gunshy because of Destiny?

DarkOcelet1342d ago

I just hate the plague that is destroying the gaming industry that is called DLC. We are now paying 60$ for so little content that should be given for free for the people already paid 60$ for a full game.

Dirtnapstor1342d ago

I understand what you're saying. Imo, as long as developers provide a meaty core campaign/MP experience, I have no problems with DLC to extend the life of the game. You're right, lately there's been too much emphasis on the MP aspect and the basic premise has suffered. I hope there's a thorough campaign in Battlefront!

98xpresent1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

That sucks ! They haven't even showcased gameplay smh

medman1341d ago

Yeah....if this is true...I'm out. I'll be damned if I support a game that clues us in on dlc before we even see the first gameplay video. No thanks.

antz11041340d ago

The title itself has the word "Rumor" in it. Right now it's conjecture and you should treat it as such before swearing off a game we know nothing about. Lol seriously that's idiotic.

Even if they do have dlc that continually supports the game that's not always a bad thing.

DarkOcelet1340d ago

Believe me, that rumor is most likely true my friend. And yes, i still think dlc support should be free. You already paid for the full game. This Premium $hit should be free.

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StillGray1342d ago

I dislike EA's DLC practice, with releasing five DLCs for every Battlefield game. It takes away from the community each time a new DLC comes out.

elazz1342d ago

If only publishers would release DLC for a better price. Premium at 30 euros would be much better or standalone expansions.

plsburydoughboy1342d ago

I hear you guys on EA and DLC, but I'm also curious about possible Force Awakens spoilers. You know someone out there is good enough to breeze through the game and will share the ending not too soon after it gets released.

gamerfan09091342d ago

It's hilarious how people are legit hating on DLC maps. Get over it. You want to buy used games, then devs need the extra money to make back the profit they have to incur during the development. These games are not cheap. Don't like DLC then don't buy the game.

dcj05241342d ago

From what I understand you 1. Develop the game
2. You get and idea for content you're already 3/4 in the development cycle and the deadline is approaching 3. The extra content won't be done until a few months after the game is set to release

4. Make it paid DLC instead

bloop1342d ago

This game will easily break multiple millions on first hand sales. It's one of the most anticipated titles coming out this gen and I'm more than sure the devs will cover costs with a very nice profit left over. It's not just nickel and diming going on, but it splits the community too. The game won't have been out a wet day and you'll already be getting kicked from servers/playlists for not having "X" content downloaded, just after you've dropped €70 on it. DLC should be an afterthought. The real fans of the game that are still playing it months down the line will gladly drop the cash for it, but having it all planned 10 months before the game even releases just gives the impression that all they want to do is squeeze as much money out of everyone, and delivering a stellar game the second priority.

strauser3601341d ago

If I didn't buy a game because it had DLC I would have no games to play. literally.

marlinfan101342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

I support most DLCs for the most part aside from blatant rip offs like evolve or games like Destiny where it's apparent they removed things to resell at a later date. If this game releases and has a full, great campaign then I'll happily support dlc. These games cost a lot more to develop than they used to and we're still paying the same price for base games. You can't blame them for trying to get a little more money post release. This is business afterall, not charity.

I need to see more about the game before I start crying about rumors of DLC which are pretty much expected this day in age

BC_Master_Haze1342d ago

If the DLC packs have a lot of content I'm in, and possibly 1 or 2 campaign expansions as well, that would be cool. I don't know how they'll support 64v64 matches, that's pretty huge, but I look forward to it :D

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