Mortal Kombat X May See Return of Jax and Sonya Blade

"Sonya Blade and Jax may be returning to the game."

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Septic1434d ago

Daughter vs Mum fight would be interesting.

Jax should turn evil after being friend-zoned so hard.

Xman2K1434d ago

They might as well put all the old school characters in, all this taking out and putting is senseless for the players. MK just cannot come up with new characters that are actually appealing

Septic1434d ago

Well play the game first before coming to that conclusion.

I think its wicked. When do you have most of the old roster actually die out and replaced by new people? Its sick. Like SF3 that introduced so many cool new players.

I love it.

CorndogBurglar1434d ago

Well, aside from 3 or 4 people, all the character reveals so far have been oldschool characters.

Xman2K1434d ago

No I meant keep the old school and add new important characters to the like there to. King of fighters basically had the same rosters every year although their additions were mostly well received and became just as memorable as the original cast something that ssf2 achieved with DJ, Cammy and fei long. I love Sf3 (one of my top 5) because they added new characters to the original roster, yet those new characters still didn't make a memorable appearance over the original cast. I loved MK deception as it was all about new takes on old characters which made them feel new as well as new characters, although since 4 MK has hardly came out with anyone you would want to choose over the beloved originals from 1,2,3.

Mikefizzled1434d ago

"I've been studying all your moves SonYA". I feel I'm anticipating Two Best Friends' video of this more than the game itself.

Hoffmann1434d ago

Jax will be DLC. Sonya was leaked through a screenshot already. I am super sure that Johnny Cage is in the game and part of the story as well.

The mentioned white-lotus faction also screams "Liu kang and Kai" except they have 2-3 new guys there to help Kung Lao.

wannabe gamer1434d ago

it just wouldnt feel like MK without at least liu or lao if not both, but gotta have one of them.

extravalue1434d ago

Jax will definitely be in there
affirmative action baby!! lol jk

and im black.....before you call me racist lol

CorndogBurglar1434d ago

The Special Forces faction would be pretty much empty without Jax and Sonya.

Sonya was already leaked in the European traiker for factions.

Also, Liu Kang is listed in the White Lotus faction.

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