Kirby: Rainbow Curse Makes Me Want More Claymation-style Games | Kotaku Preview

Kirby: Rainbow Curse is the newest title in the Kirby series. Unlike last year's Triple Deluxe, Rainbow Curse is not a traditional Kirby platformer. Instead, Rainbow Curse follows in the footprints of DS title Kirby: Canvas Curse. And let me tell you, its relationship to its portable forebear becomes obvious quite quickly.

In the hours I spent with Kirby: Rainbow Curse, I don't think I looked at my TV monitor once past the opening cutscene—and in my later play sessions, I didn't even bother to turn on my TV monitor. This is because Kirby: Rainbow Curse is played entirely on the gamepad's touch screen. In fact, every button except the pause button does literally nothing at all.

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DryBoneKoopa851370d ago

Nice sounds like he had quite a bit of fun playing the game. Has me excited. I can't wait to play my copy!

MNGamer-N1370d ago

A full Nintendo game, made for the gamepad. We will see... Although Kirby is one of my favorite characters... I'm still not sure. I hope it is really good.

marloc_x1370d ago

I'm on board, looks really nice:)

Locknuts1370d ago

No thanks. I'll probably wait for Splatoon and Xenoblade X. Reviews could change my mind (they often do with Nintendo games) but probably not.