Forget Fallout 4: this is what Bethesda’s E3 show really means

Bethesda takes on Sony, Microsoft, EA and Ubisoft by going first at E3 this year. But what can we expect besides the obvious?

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DarkOcelet1343d ago

"Bethesda is saying “our games are as good as FIFA, Assassin’s Creed, Battlefield and Far Cry”"

Actually their games are better than all of those you just listed.

Septic1343d ago

Its all subjective but yes, I agree.

born_naughty1343d ago

Yes, absolutely.... except that their games are being released broken as well.

DarkOcelet1343d ago

At least even with their game being released broken. They are actually fun to play and not repetitive as hell.

And also its because of that $hitty engine they had. Hopefully they replaced both ID tech 5 engine and their fallout engine.

St0rm_Cr0w1343d ago

If they don't announce Fallout 4 I'll just have to "punish" them by never buying any of their games again. Note that I didn't say I'd stop playing their games... O.o

Perjoss1343d ago

"Zenimax Online spent years and lots of money on The Elder Scrolls Online, but pick-up of that isn’t going exactly as planned."

I think that's the most polite way I've seen anyone descrive the ESO situation.

strangeaeon1343d ago

Not sure about everyone else, but for me The Elder Scrolls experience is uniquely personal and does not fit the mold of an mmo. I believe 2 player co-op might have been fun though.

JsonHenry1343d ago

I think Co-op could easily be fun. But I agree. The MMO thought is a turn off.


Just give me Fallout 4 and I'll sound as a pound.