Hatred system requirements are officially presented

Announced in October 2014, the Hatred game - a sensational shooter, which is being created by the Polish Destructive Creations studio, - has recently appeared on Steam again. Besides the project’s basic information, the official Hatred system requirements have been published.

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Gazondaily3213d ago

* DX11
* No moral compass

jambola3213d ago

No moral compass? i wasn't aware killing virtual people was immoral

1nsomniac3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

The hypocrisy being that not only have we been doing it in gaming for decades without too much fuss but our governments bomb third world countries residential areas almost on a bi-monthly basis & no one cares because the media spins it in a different light that the uneducated find it easier to accept...

This obviously also excluding the horrific & completely inhuman ways humans have treated each other for thousands & thousands of years of course. But lets continue the façade that 'destroying' (if that's even possible) pixels with other pixels is a more serious issue than people blowing up & murdering innocent REAL people!

Bansai3213d ago

Oh boy, here we go again, sjw and guilt trips.

Christopher3213d ago

The concept of morality comes into play when you establish why you are doing what you are doing. It's immoral if you do it for the wrong reasons, regardless if it hurts anyone or not.

Simulated child pornography is immoral, but blatant and graphic violence without purpose isn't?

We live in a weird world. Watch yourself out there.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3213d ago

Ok bro. Done crying in a corner yet? Some people actually want to play the game now.

Gazondaily3213d ago

Yeah I'm done. Have my tears stopped your enjoyment?

lemoncake3213d ago

When's this game coming to the wiiu?

PaulKersey3213d ago

When's any third party game coming to Wii U?

Psychotica3213d ago

"is rated as AO, which means that the game will be available only for people under 18 years of age." ?? Whoops..

jambola3213d ago

Crap :( that sucks
guess i'll have to try to find some kids to buy it for me

AKissFromDaddy3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

"We would also like to pay your attention to the fact that this shooter, the launch of which is scheduled for Q2 2015, is rated as AO, which means that the game will be available only for people under 18 years of age."

Darn it,...I'm too old man. Gotta be under 18 years. This new rating system is changing too quickly to comprehend, lol

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Controversial "Adults Only" Murder Simulator Hatred Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

A game about killing people.

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NecrumOddBoy1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

This game was just gratuitous violence. I don't know why it was rated AO. It's no worse than a GTA killing spree, Hotline Miami, or even the 'No Russian' COD mission. Reminded my of a weaker Dead Nation except no zombies.

FlyingFoxy1327d ago

And we have highly sexualised Japanese games like Senran Kagura which are often either borderline, or practically straight up soft core.. and not even rated AO, some even rated lower age than GTA!

Makes you wonder what's wrong with the ratings systems overall tbh, potentially exposing kids to all kinds of nasty stuff.. but then that's more the parents fault anyways, and the upper age ratings are definitely nowhere near kid friendly, yet you still get little kids playing certain things they shouldn't be.

StormSnooper1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

Sex should not even be an issue. Violence, on the other hand, should have restricted access. I don’t know anything about this particular game, but sounds like the difference between this and GTA is that GTA is a game about mafia, so violence itself isn’t the lure of the game. It’s telling a story. But a game about murder, is a game centered on murder as the selling point. I Don’t know, I see a difference here.

1326d ago
StormSnooper1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

We are confusing a number of issues here:

1) I think we all agree that any outright censorship is bad.
2) violence does in fact have negative impact on young kids.
3) as a matter of public welfare, some things are not better left to the unchecked discretion of people, in this case parents. This is why we all obey traffic laws.
4) while the right to raise your children how you see fit is a fundamental right, not all parents know how/are able to raise their children in a proper way, and the rights of the child and society should also be considered. Unfortunately, while we get a manual with everything, and attend classes for things like driving, a child does not come with a manual and no classes are offered to parents about how to raise a child.
5) there is a strong interest in protecting those in our society who do not have a means of protecting themselves. This includes children who cannot protect themselves from bad parenting.
6) we do in fact have experts in every field, both inside and outside government, who have dedicated their lives to specific fields, and DO know more in that subject than the general public. (To argue otherwise is called anti-intellectualism, which is a major problem in our society today, i.e. flat earthers)

Therefore, we should have regulations that guide parents, and also prohibit them from allowing their young to engage in activities that are either damaging, or have the propensity to derail their development into functioning positive members of society.

Lastly, the issue of politicians using video games as a means to seem tough, is an altogether separate problem as these individuals should not be allowed to take the reigns from experts on matters of public policy without scientific support.

PurpHerbison1326d ago

I guess the biggest difference here is the goal of Hatred is to murder where as GTA isn't all about killing sprees, Hotline Miami is too cute to be taken seriously, and COD isn't all about wiping out Russians. Best comparison is probably Dead by Daylight where 50% of the game is being a serial killer trying to kill survivors in gruesome ways and it is only rated M.

Kostche1326d ago

shooting and killing people is shooting and killing... dont matter what form it is

1326d ago
CptDville1326d ago

Have you ever tried Manhunt? It was quite disturbing when launched.

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Tetsujin1327d ago

I'm surprised Switch is getting this and PlayStation/Xbox isn't. The game was basically Postal with better graphics and more realism.

LOGICWINS1326d ago

I'm not. Sonys the one that's been caught censoring anime bikini girls. Nintendo has been vocal about being against censorship.