Video: IronFall: Invasion - first 10 minutes

The guys over at Gaming Boulevard recorded the first 10 minutes of IronFall: Invasion on a New Nintendo 3DS XL.

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Free Update For Ironfall Invasion Available On Nintendo eShop

A free game update for IRONFALL Invasion is available for its players, providing a number of in-game improvements that look to enhance the gameplay experience. Available now on Nintendo eShop* for Nintendo 3DS, the game has been updated by the developers VD-DEV after taking into account fan feedback on both Miiverse and Twitter since it released in February.

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Heroes of Handheld 80: PS Vita 2 announcement incoming?, BAFTA Gaming Nominations & New 3DS

It's episode 80 of Heroes of Handheld, and this week we discuss the "Secret Playstation Event" and what announcement could be around the corner, Ironfall Invasion is coming very soon to 3DS and this week saw the nominations for the BAFTA video game awards revealed.

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Protagonist3154d ago

Doubt a "PS Vita 2 announcement incoming" however, would love to be wrong and stand corrected.

Benjammin253153d ago

It would annoy me to be honest. They have barely supported AAA games for the PS Vita and now I'm expected to upgrade? No freaking way. I love my Vita but it deserves more love from Sony than it's getting.

MSBAUSTX3153d ago

That is kinda what I was trying to say below. Why not support your already more powerful than any other handheld you have on the market right now. A renewed advertising campaign? Bundle it with 2 or 3 games and drop the price a little? There are a number of things they can do to make this thing get some Western traction and they aren't doing it. don't get me started on the PS TV issues.

Take any and all money you planed to support that thing, the money you would put towards a new vita and invest it solely into the already existing fantastic hardware you have instead. That is in no way a bad idea.

Balsanoid3153d ago

It would annoy me too, BUT I would consider a purchase if it were fully backwards compatible with current PS Vita titles. I love my Vita, just wish it had more games.

xetiro3153d ago

Why do you would love a PSVita 2 if the current PSVita is already awesome in hardware perspective but is just lacking AAA support?

There is no point of PSVita 2 both for Sony and for consumers/gamers.

I would prefer to see Sony resources allocated to support current PSVita with more than just indies or remote play.

I also love indies but PSVita is a PlayStation Portable gaming device and Gran Turismo is just one of the AAA PlayStation games that I would like to see with a exclusive and dedicated portable version on Vita.

I loved the GT on PSP and I can imagine how great would be to have a GT designed for Vita.

Scatpants3153d ago

I'd love to have one if it could play PS3 games natively and had L2L3 R2R3

tubers3152d ago

VITA 2 may only make sense in Japan as they seem to prefer handhelds.

A way to annex the Sony home console to the Japanese PS fans.

Seems that's on the way with several PS3/PS4-PSV multi-platform releases (GE2RB, New YS, Senran EV).

xetiro3152d ago


That's not even the case. Sony already have one Vita 2 and it calls Vita lol

What I mean is that the current system is very well designed and it has no direct competitor in his class. Also everybody agrees that the system true power is not being used due to the lack of AAA support.

So whats the need of a Vita 2 announcement even in Japan?

People that have a Vita is well aware of the true power of the machine. No one even in Japan is waiting for a Vita 2 but rather that Sony do something more in terms of AAA support to the machine.

MSBAUSTX3153d ago

As an owner of a PS Vita right now and its only use for me is to remote play my PS4 I doubt I would ever buy a PS Vita 2. I am sure I am not the only one either. With Nintendos handheld domination and PS TVs failure, it would be a mistake to make another Vita. They should focus all that money and energy into their online infrastructure, get PS Now working better, and revamp their software department for their current Handheld which is still more powerful than even the newest 3DS. Making another one is pure foolishness.

mixelon3153d ago

Sony would have to do something pretty destructive with a vita 2 design to make people interested.. The template hasn't worked out ideally for them in the past. id think it a waste of their time. They could probably make more money making games for mobile and releasing an official controller case thing. :/ which is sort of a shame, but handhelds are an awkward proposition now. (Unless you're nintendo and thus have pokemon, mario and monster hunter, etc.)

I'm not sure if trust sony to support a new handheld well in the West either.

Mustang300C20123153d ago

Anyone thinking we are seeing a new handheld from Sony is delusional.