Should You Stop Preordering Games?

A campaign is currently going on to support “Pre-Order Free 2015”, but should you get on board with it or not?

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Mikelarry1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

I have stopped pre-ordering, I had arkham asylum, the order on pre-order after destiny I cancelled both. not hating on destiny but it was the final push I needed to wake up and actually wait for reviews and live streams before opting to part with my cash

the only time I pre-ordered previously was cheaper price but even that is no longer an advantage in my book if the game launches broken to hell

BC_Master_Haze1341d ago

That was the deal breaker for me too, destiny. It was good, but it had so much more potential

ArchangelMike1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

I pre-ordered Destiny and was soo dissapointed. The only games I do would pre-order are those that I know I want to play regardless of review scores, hype, advertising etc.

Games like The Witcher 3 and Uncharted 4 for example. Those games will get pre-ordered no matter what happens. I will support the devs on Day 1, they have earned my trust. I also pre-ordered The Order 1886 because I want to support [email protected] and the direction they are trying to take gaming.

Games from others 'lesser' devs, multiplayer games, annual releases, DLC heavy games etc I will not pre-order and will wait for a price drop.

I waited for a price drop for Watchdogs and was still dissapointed by the game. So glad I didn't pre-order that one.

kneon1341d ago

Yup, I preorder almost everything. It doesn't cost any extra and things just magically appear in the mail, so I don't have to bother tracking release dates and drive to the store to pick it up.

ThunderPulse1341d ago

You have open wallet syndrome its a condition where you give money to even people who don't deserve your money. You should see a doctor.

lipton1011341d ago

Well I also preoeder a lot. $5 isn't a lot of money and if the game is rubbish, move your $5 to a different one. If I REALLY want a game, I'll preoeder digitally to play at midnight on the dot. When it comes down to it - if you have the money - why not???

BC_Master_Haze1341d ago

Because you're supporting practices such as rushing out games, pre-order baiting with exclusive content, you're putting way too much trust into people you've never met before.

How do you know the game is rubbish? You don't, that's why you wait.

kneon1341d ago

I've never had to pay anything up front, it's charged when it ships. If I happen to change my mind before it ships I can easily cancel.

The last few years I've been pre-ordering in bulk when they run various deals. So I've been paying $40 for games on launch day. I've still got pre-orders pending from 2 years ago on games that still don't have a ship date.

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Blastoise1341d ago

Pre-ordering used to be about ensuring you got a copy of the game you wanted, that's not really a problem anymore so I don't know why people are so eager to do it.

Trust me guys, that £55 digital copy of Dying Light on the Playstation store isn't going to run out anytime soon.

OrangePowerz1341d ago

What else are you going to do for a game that you want to play on launch day? Waste time going to the store to buy a copy there?

OrangePowerz1341d ago

Why should I stop to pre-order games? That's games I want to play on release day, not going to drive to the store to pick up a copy when I can just pre-order it online or the digital version for pre download and play it on release day.

LightofDarkness1341d ago

Because it fuels a cycle of low quality releases and poor value, as well as other anti-consumer practices like launch day DLC. Its not all about how lovely and convenient it is for you, this affects everyone. There are no excuses, unless the game is obscure and pre ordering ensures stock.

OrangePowerz1341d ago

It is exactly about how lovely and convenient it is for me instead of the wrong believe that if you don't pre order they will stop with DLC or stop to release buggy games.

morganfell1341d ago

Buggy titles have been around forever. If people want to truly impact this issue then they need to visit the Federal Trade Commission Website in droves and file a complaint that generates an investigation. Otherwise waiting a couple of weeks does little to deter these types of developers.

The bigger issue at hand is listening to these larger websites such as Gamespot whose influence has been as detrimental to gaming as any less than perfect title.

I personally preorder titles on occasion. I just completed the preload for Total War: Attila last night with the Viking Forefathers add-on that came free as a pre-order bonus.

LightofDarkness1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

Morganfell: they've never been around in the abundance they are today, certainly not console games. Never before has practically every AAA holiday game on either console released in a an almost unplayable state. It's simply scandalous. "Buggy games existed before" is not an acceptable excuse and it is a misrepresntative and thus fallacious argument. Those games would have never released in that state were the developers not already guaranteed a large sum of their projected earnings through people pre-ordering in droves as if they were going to run out of stock. They're simply not being made to work for their money in these circumstances, it's being handed to them before any deliverable has been met.

And I would appreciate it if people stopped trying to shoehorn another tired GamerGate "F the press" discourse into every discussion . I get it, you have an agenda and you feel passionate about it. Stay on topic.

lipton1011341d ago

Ha. These comments are funny. Probably coming from people that think $60 is a lot of money. If I like a game. I'll preoeder it. If I really like it, I'll pre purchase it digitally for a midnight surprise as I got with the REmake. Totally forgot I bought that one. I have a good job and solid career. I'll preorder whatever game I want to, when I want to, and still have more than enough to pay the bills, have a nice house and a nice new German automobile that's not VW. #americandream #buyaway

LightofDarkness1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

Guess what Lipton: so do I. This isn't about my being able to afford games and many other luxuries. And I want you to try really hard for a second, now bear with me: there are OTHER people in the world who aren't you. Some of them aren't me either. Shocking stuff.

What this reckless buying and misappropriation does is reward developers handsomely for sub-standard or unacceptable work. Then the other developers get the impression that nobody cares if they release a broken product, they'll buy it anyway without them having to deliver on any of their promises, barring that they will release some game in some state with that title printed on it. I get that you're super successful and can throw money at people like it doesn't matter, but it actually DOES matter who you give your money to. If it doesn't matter to you, at least consider that it might matter to other people. Take some social responsibility, especially for a hobby that you obviously care enough about to hang around a web site dedicated to it.

PS. Buying things is not the American dream. You've bought the whole capitalism/reckless spending = America ploy quite convincingly.

Spotie1341d ago

You (LightofDarkness) act as if it's final. As if you can't, down the line, see something you don't like about the game, and rescind your preorder.

And how does it impact launch day DLC at all? Does that not predicate on you buying those things?

I put money down on games I know I'm interested in buying. A few years ago, it was a way to eventually pick up a game when I could only put a bit on it here or there.

I could understand if you were talking about buying the DLC or season passes, but you're not. The article is not. So your point is... nonexistent.

LightofDarkness1341d ago

Way to gloss over the entire argument there and pretend it didn't happen.

1) technical faults with games are rarely communicated in previews as they are either under NDA or expected to be fixed before launch. This means you won't know something's up until the game is in your hands.

2) I'm talking about pre order bonuses/DLC more so than launch DLC. But why does launch DLC happen? Because they've got a guaranteed audience that justifies the time/expense designing it thanks to pre orders. And are you telling me GameStop exclusive story DLC a la Arkham Knight has nowt to do with the lucrative pre order market?

I'm out of bubbles now but go ahead.

morganfell1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

Light of Darkness,

They haven't been around in the same abundance because there are more titles made today. But on a per capita basis it hasn't changed. I have been gaming a long time. A LONG time. Playing pong, loading my TRS 80 and Vic 64, up through the 90s and into now. I was gaming heavily when 3D games appeared and then we moved from software to hardware 3D acceleration. Some days I miss my DOS titles.

I was at the forefront of the FTC investigation into the Star Trek Armada II debacle and the bug filled mess where Activision attempted to drop the game and run.

Despite that, we had better communication with most devs in those days and games were easier to troubleshoot in some ways. But the number of issues in PC titles hasn't really changed. I will grant the issues with console titles have risen drastically and unforgivably and in that regard Publishers should be hammered like chopped liver.

And just to mention it, the agenda of the press dwarfs anything espoused by gamers.

rainslacker1340d ago

I don't think people stopping their pre-orders is going to prevent broken releases. People will still buy it in droves on day one regardless.

Many games aren't broken on day one, and if someone knows they're going to get the game day one regardless, then why not pre-order and get whatever bonus is offered.

In the case of JRPG's(or any niche Japanese game) it's almost necessary unless you want to hunt down the game locally or order online.

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traumadisaster1341d ago

Not only am I not pre ordering in 2015, I'm not buying games. I have a 1000 year backlog. Plus every time I buy a game it's on sale before I even get to it.

I will pick up all the 2015 games on black Friday for $20 each.

Shinuz1341d ago

I've had the same experience as you.
Do I really need to play this or that game on release day?
Especialy with all the bugs the new games come out with, might as well wait a few weeks or month till almost everything is fixed and get it cheaper too.

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