In Response to EUROGAMER: We Are Expanding Review Scores

John T Braptist for Fully 'Avin It Writes: Some websites like Eurogamer have decided to drop review scores altogether, as the traditional 10 point scale has become increasingly stale and 7/8 become the ‘average’ score.We disagree. We think the only way to make scores mean something is to give them some lofty number that only old magazines like ACE Magazine could provide, and we’re changing all of our scores to a 2,108 point scale.

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joeydale131342d ago

Another thing that can be scored: Amount of months you would need to work in order to save enough money to own all the DLC

MrAnthonyDR1342d ago

Or you could score based on how promptly the review copy is sent to you.

zsquaresoff1342d ago

I think instead of a score, review should have a Final verdict as a, "buy or avoid".

Highlight all the positives and negatives of the game and then give a final verdict.

Take into account game length, functioning multiplayer, game breaking glitches etc.

Spend your 60$ on this reviewed game or buy something else. Or wait for a price drop.

Simplify things.

SilentNegotiator1342d ago

"Buy or avoid"/"Thumbs up/down" is far too basic. I appreciate review scores because it gives a concise idea of what the reviewer thought of the experience as a whole. I have a couple of go to reviewers that tend to have similar feelings about games as I do, so I'll see what they think and that helps me make a decision.

Sometimes a 7/10 will suit me just fine, if say, it's from a genre that not a lot of games are being made in that I have an itch for or something like that. Other times I don't have the spare cash for both games that I want and my trusted reviewers give one of them a 7 or 8 and the other a 9 or 10, I'll be more inclined to go with the latter.

DavoTron1342d ago

I think Thumbs Up / Down could work, but that depends on how much you trust the reviewer. If someone shares similar tastes with you for horror movies and they say 'You should watch it!', that recommendation is enough without a numbered score.

But that only works if you're intimate with that personality and tastes, which could take years to curate.

rainslacker1342d ago

That may be fine if it were done from the perspective of what groups of people like.

Like if you're a JRPG fan, you should buy this game.

However, it's still too basic to take into account all the nuances that may or may not turn someone off, so something more along the lines of "must buy/wait to buy/you might like if/avoid at all costs" would be more appropriate. However, that's not much different than a 4 star system, so it doesn't matter.

DavoTron1342d ago

I like the idea of a Roger Ebert style "Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down", but that'd really only work for strong personalities.

Other things you could review - How badly spelled is the press release that is sent with it.